Movies 2013

Last year I had a silly resolution of noting down movies that I would watch ! Finally saw the LOTR series and Sin City. I saw a total of 122 movies.   Here is the complete list :-

01/01/13 Patiala House
01/05/13 Kismat Konnection
01/05/13 Do dooni char
01/16/13 Dulah mil gaya
01/17/13 Dus Kahniaayan
01/17/13 Compliance
01/20/13 End of Watch
01/20/13 This is 40
01/21/13 Oh my god (2008)
01/24/13 A wednesday
01/25/13 Hera Pheri
01/27/13 silver lining playbook
01/27/13 Django Unchained
01/27/13 Life of Pi
01/28/13 Knocked Up
01/30/13 The Perks of Being a Wallflower
01/31/13 Race 2
02/06/13 Les miserables
02/11/13 Upside Down 2012
02/12/13 Warm Bodies
02/16/13 Special Chabbis
02/24/13 Real steel
02/26/13 Dr Limptooth
02/28/13 Snatch
03/01/13 Saada adda
03/10/13 The first time
03/31/13 Secretary
03/31/13 Hansel Gretel witch hunters
03/31/13 The sitter
04/01/13 Identity theif
04/02/13 Traffic(2000)
04/17/13 Nautanki Saala
04/24/13 Heroine
05/02/13 Beautiful Creatures
05/04/13 21 and over
05/04/13 I give it a year
05/04/13 Sexy Evil GEnius
05/05/13 The Exam
05/05/13 Interview
05/08/13 Tape 2001
05/12/13 Parker
05/12/13 Side effects
05/12/13 Go goa gone
05/18/13 Matru ki bijlee ka Mandola
05/18/13 Aashiqui 2
05/23/13 Gippi
05/23/13 Phas gaye re obama
06/10/13 After earth
06/14/13 Stoker
06/18/13 Hangover III
06/18/13 Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
07/06/13 Ranjhanaa
07/06/13 Fukrey
07/07/13 Donny Brasco
07/08/13 Admission
07/08/13 Spring breakers
07/09/13 Hop
07/16/13 Ghanchakkar
08/03/13 Jack the Giant Slayer
08/10/13 Evan Almighty
08/11/13 Olympus Has Fallen
08/16/13 Grownups 2
08/17/13 Mumbai Salsa
08/18/13 Space Warriors
08/18/13 Chasme Baddoor
08/18/13 Hundered and one Dalmations
08/24/13 X-men: First Class
08/24/13 Bringing Down the house
08/25/13 Darkest Hour
08/25/13 Titanic
08/25/13 Ladder 49
08/28/13 Confessions of a Shopaholic
09/13/13 The Canyons
09/15/13 Bhaag milka bhaag
09/15/13 This is the end 2013
09/20/13 Lovelace
09/21/13 Jobs
09/21/13 Aatma
09/23/13 No problem
09/24/13 Now you see me
09/25/13 Kickass 2
09/25/13 It’s kind of a funny story
09/30/13 X-Men: The last stand
10/06/13 The Bling Ring
10/11/13 Derailed
10/12/13 Welcome
10/13/13 The internship
10/13/13 Gravity
10/14/13 Woman on Top
10/14/13 The Waterboy
10/17/13 Devils Double
10/20/13 We are the millers
11/08/13 Before Midnight
11/09/13 Jack Reacher
11/13/13 Pain and Gain
11/13/13 To Do List
11/14/13 The Heat 2013
11/17/13 The Big Lebowski
11/17/13 Straw Dogs
11/17/13 Man of Steel
11/17/13 12 Angry Man
11/17/13 Bucket List
11/17/13 The man from earth
11/18/13 Moneyball
11/23/13 Remember the Titans
11/23/13 Enemy of the State
11/30/13 Somebody up there likes me
12/03/13 Alan.Partridge.Alpha.Papa
12/04/13 Wolverine
12/11/13 Hunger Games Catching Fire
12/12/13 Frozen 3d
12/13/13 Insidious 2
12/18/13 The Worlds End
12/22/13 Shuddh Desi Romance
12/22/13 Footloose
12/25/13 LOTR: The Fellowship of the ring
12/25/13 LOTR: The two towers
12/28/13 LOTR: Return of the King
12/28/13 Don Jon
12/28/13 The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey
12/28/13 The fall 2007
12/30/13 Sin City


This years resolution will be to watch no more than 60 ;)

Adding Cache-Control and Expires header using s3cmd

Found a great command line tool for uploading content to s3 its called s3cmd. Was not able to find a resource anywhere so here is the command I used to set expires of an year

s3cmd put --add-header="Expires:`date -u +"%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S GMT" --date "next Year"`" --add-header='Cache-Control:max-age=31536000, public'

Change the seconds and the –date value to your requirement of expiry time

Detecting Mobile browsers in webservers/ client side

Found a great resource for detecting mobile browsers. Here is the link

It has scripts for nginx/apache/iis and other client/server side languages.

This being used on ;)  

Serving Mobile users using nginx

Found a very good solution to the problem i was facing. 

Here is a nice resource which Andries used to redirect mobile users to the mobile website . 

I however wanted to serve different content from the same web address. I took this further and did :- 

location / {
if ($mobile_request = '1') {
if ($mobile_request != '1') {

This way the 80 server can also use microcache rules based on the backend server. Hope it helps out a couple of folks. 

Tips for writing Resumes

After we released on December 15th . We have been actively looking for smart people to join iStream. I have been looking through a lot of resumes and have seen both the extremes. Our linkedIn advertisement was clicked by more than 500 people. And to shortlist them just based on their resumes was a painful task.  The quality of the resume writing didnt help in easing the pain.  So here are some of the points which would make your resume more attractive :-

  • Keep it short :- Ideally I would expect the resume to have max of 2 pages.  Write precise points, just one liners on your projects and your previous work experience. If you want to write essays then I have only one thing to say :-

  • Skill set :- Please write your strong skills first or indicate under a bracket your skill level in that skill. Also don’t  lie about your skill set. This is what we use for filtering, if we need Java guys, we want guys who know Java and not someone saw solved a bug in his roomates java project while he was furiously masturbating.  I have seen lot of people write JavaScript in their skillset and when I ask them to write a basic alert hello world program they are like :-

  • Style of the document :- I prefer text version of the document with no styling. But since people want to highlight their achievements etc. I would suggest to use to a very basic template and no CAPS, no 48 point text. Please keep it decent, I am not expecting a latex generated pdf :)
  • Important things first :-  Objective, Education, Experience and skill set should be the first four. This is what we look for while scanning your resumes.

I thought all these so called tips were common sense. But apparently not,  I have seen only few ( <30 ) resumes abiding all the above four points.

PS: We are hiring mail to maruti [at] with your resume.

How I ended up at a startup

This post was long due.  Lack of free time kept postponing this post.

I left  Yahoo! on August 19th. Why ? Out of many I think pay, environment and freedom were the major reasons. But the work was great, I loved what I did. I started doing UI development last December out of my own interest. I should thank Ramkumar, my manager at that time to allow me to start doing UI. After 3 big projects in which I was mostly involved in UI. I had gained enough experience to call myself a Intermediate UI developer.

I was approached by two startups ( well more than three, I didnt care about the others). Both these startups wanted to do nearly the same thing, both were funded, both were starting from scratch .   I gave interviews for both.  I could immediately feel the difference between a Google/Yahoo interview and the interviews at these startups. These guys meant business,  they were very specific about your code, about your knowledge in your respective field and your thinking ability. More importantly, whether I would be valuable in whatever they were trying to achieve.

After getting offers from both, I had to decide on one. I decided to join iStream . I thought there was immense potential in Indian Content and was bewildered that no-one was tapping this market already.

At iStream, I was given the responsibility of the whole website UI and was also appointed as an interface to two of our third-party clients.  For me this was huge, I have never done a whole website before leave alone doing it all alone.

When I started work at iStream I realised that I was not only doing UI but helping out in a lot of the other tasks. I was also involved in the design of each and every module of the website. I always wanted to do a lot of Software Design, because I  felt that is the most creative part of Software Development. If your design is perfect, coding is just a manual job !.

Mondays didn’t feel like Mondays anymore, I was excited to reach the target, target to finish the website. Deadlines made us miss weekends, we were working without a break. Working more than 12-14 hours a day. A small team of 7  engineers were at full strength only in October, that made some of us work even more before they joined in. It was a great experience to work with like minded people to achieve a single goal. The best part being everybody was pushing equally hard, be it the freshers or the Co-founders or the team leads. Everyone were giving their best.

The amount of knowledge I have gained in these 3 months must have been more than I did in 2 years at Yahoo! and 4 months at Google combined ! To give an example, I knew only YUI before joining iStream, now I am more familiar with jQuery than YUI.  These 3 months have brought in lot of discipline in my work. I have gained the ability to finish a lot of work in 3-4 concentrated hours.

I was very nervous about the shift I took 3 months back, but in hindsight I think I took the right step. And I encourage others to take it up, especially if you are just starting in the industry.

I would like to end the post with a quote from my President of Engineering “You dont own any module. Your users endup owning you”

PS: If you are looking for a job, send a mail to me maruti [at]

PS2: Checkout the site already ;)

The escape

It was pretty hard to imagine that he has just finished an interstate bikeride. Cause  few months ago, he didnt even know how to drive one.  Lapping just 4000 kms on bangalore roads gave him enough confidence to burn the rubber on NH7. Confidence ? His peers termed it stupidity, madness and a dozen other synonyms.

Completing the tedious journey, gave him even more confidence on his machine. Though his machine, failed him twice on the return journey. NH7 didn’t seem to like her and punctured her twice. After driving 6000 odd kilometers, zooming past vehicles in the traffic, challenging the dreadful bangalore traffic, definitely instilled enough confidence in him  to coin himself as the King of the road. If not the king, maybe one of the many princes. With skill came arrogance, and nature took its course. He became arrogant, inpatient and bossy on the road. Cursing the snail paced drivers and pedestrians on his way. He wanted the whole road for himself, taking his machine to the limits excited him. Little did he know that this arrogance had turned into stupidity and madness.

His group of friends wanted to watch the latest Hrithik flick. Tickets were booked, the sunday evening was very inviting to go out. His friends decided to take an auto and there was no question about his companion for the small journey. Midway they realized that they may be late for food also one of his friends had forgotten her  specs back home. It was a challenge to go back get the glasses and come back in time.  He was always up for challenges, especially when he was with his machine. He was back home in a flash. Time was running out and the traffic had thickened.

He had to zoom past a lot of vehicles, irritating them on his course. It was scary but he trusted his batmobile. He saw that few 100 meters in front of him was free of traffic, he pressed the accelerator to the maximum. Then out of nowhere, a big van wanted to take a U-turn from the opposite side of the road, he wanted to stop looking at him. One thought on both of their minds, “to let the other pass or to go ahead”.  Both of them were greedy. Both of them pressed the accelerator. It was too late for him to realize that his machine couldn’t go fast enough to get past the van without crashing into it.

It was natural of him to press the brakes. But sadly,  his batmobile couldn’t stop in that short distance. He watched as his batmobile skid and hit the van almost horizontally. And during this short time he kept questioning himself  “What went wrong?”. The last thing he remembered was his helmet protected head hitting the van. He woke up in the hospital with an unbearable pain in his head. The male nurses told him that he had a seizure right after the accident, and advised him to cool down and take rest. He had no memory of the seizure or the trip to the hospital.  The atmosphere in the hospital was not helping his present state, nor were the three letters “ICU” written on the door.  The arrogant prince of the road had turned into a scared fool.

Two weeks later, it broke his heart to see his batmobile shattered. He drove her to a service center to get her fixed. And a month later, and after a  lot of “I told you so”‘s  he could drive his batmobile again. There were no scars on the bike, but there was a permanent one etched in his memory. For the first time he let other vehicles pass, and saw other arrogant princes of the road zoom past him. He wanted to join them, but he didn’t want to hurt himself or his batmobile.  Maybe he had learnt his lesson,  he knew his accident could have been fatal, he knew there are others who loved him a lot and he couldn’t put all that on stake.

He is still fond of his machine, still exercises it to its maximum but only wiser to do it on empty roads and with safety.

PS: I completed 16000 kms about a week back :)