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!(Going home…. ) I am back …with a banf

wont be blogin for 10 days … leave ur comments ..i will surely reply   

I am back …. will post some gr8 stufff 

My First day After Endsems …. really boring

Yeah … exams are over time to enjoi …this was what i thought …I checked my wallet …i dint have a single penny left …this meant that i had to go home …I went home … met all my frnds der and got some bucks frm my mom ….and was back here in IIIT .I brought Paneer Dosa for my frnds here …but nobody was here …everybody had went outside to sell their Textbooks at a place named koti (Hyderbad). this meant that i had to wait for them …but the dosa would get stale by the tiem they arrived .So i went to my Hostel and gave it to my PUppy (Ajay somani) … he was really happy and he was eating it like a good dog …licking evrthing including the paper cover which came wid the dosa..[ =)) ]. But before he could finish it ….. angrezi Poodle(Mridul Gupta) came ..i told him to taste it .. he and our desi kutta both fought for the dosa … and both finished the dosa after a long fight ..after that ..i thought of watching a movie .. i went to my LAB .. and there i found my first friend in IIIT(Harsh Vardhan Bansal) … i copied "Bedazzeld" frm his laptop and watched it …the movie was really intresting … and lasted very early (1 :40 mins) …after finishing the movie ..i thought of exploring orkut and get more hacking techniques … but The guard had to close the LAB …. shit !! i had to go … i saw one of frnds online … i went to his room ..and found that his roompartner had also went out for watching a movie at PVR . and nobody was using his roomates lappy …i took his permmison and worked in the guest account …then i stared bloggin .. after posting a post ..i thought of popularizing my blog …i sent a group message to all my frnds in my yahoo msngr …  my Old classmate Adiba was online …she read the blog and started scolding me for rash driving  ( Refer to Most horryfiying day of my life part 1).. i chatted wid her half -an -hour then after that  i posted some posts on hacking ..mostly orkut hacking .. After an hour i got bored and i went to Canteen totake my dinner … i paid him 17 rs for chicken fried rice … but he gave me Chiken Biryani worth Rs 35 instead ( =)) )…. after that ..i went to my frnd room and watched "Catch Me If You Can" …and while watching the movie i slept ….(zzzzz)

IP Address To Decimal Calculator

Convert and IP address into it’s decimal form, You can then visit the website via it’s decimal address. Like google, http://3639551848/

to read more go here 

Windows Help

I came across this FAq . and i found this thing Funny

Q: I am having problems with Windows software. Will you help me?

A: Yes. Go to a DOS prompt and type “format c:”. Any problems you are experiencing will cease within a few minutes.


Wanna shake ur broswer

copy and paste this in the url bar of ur webrowser :-

javascript:functionflood(n){if(self.moveBy){for(i=35;i>0;i–){for(j=n;j>0;j–){self.moveBy(1,i);self.moveBy(i,0);self.moveBy(0,-i);self.moveBy(-i,0);} } }}flood(6);

see that … whole of the code gets pasted in one line

and then press enter

se the magic 

Orkut Hacking …. Part3

Ever dreamt of 10,000 fans …. ur wish has been fulfilled now .. follow this simple steps :-

1.make a fake account and add him as ur frnd .. the  fake account and open this page

3. copy and paste this script in URL bar ….


 4.Now move ur mouse over the little star .. on ur profile in the same page ….

5. now u will see some FRUS0009505081/US0014188150 kind of thing at bottom left of ur browser  change it wid the value in the javascript …. enter and keep pressing it for some time ….and then release it ..

7.check your profile …..

yipee..u have more than k fans  

Orkut Hacking …. Part2

Now finished wid . ScrapBook flooding how about testimonial flooding ..

yeah that will make the other guy really sick ..and frustrated.

if u want to do this to anybody ..then here is the method his proifle page on "Wrte Testimonaial"

3.write something in the place given …something offensive (this will make the other guy really sick)

4.then copy and paste the code given here

 javascript:function maruti(){document.getElementsByTagName('input').item(2).click();};void(setInterval(maruti,404));  

paste it on the Url bar of ur webbrowser .thenc cilck GO or press enter 

wait for some time .. the  more time u wait the more he gets flooded …

after u have waited close the window .. yeah ! u have flooded the other guy wid more than 1k of testiomainals