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Nice trick …

My friend in NIT Trichi wanted some me to challenge him with something related to web-development . So here goes my challenge i will give the answer after 3 days😀 . I think 3 days are sufficient for anyone to solve this problem .

As you are familiar with the new Orkut’s new feature of replying directly to a scrap. So when u click reply link below a scrap u get a text-box ( i suppose that you have an orkut account ) . But as soon as u click any other reply link the current text box vanishes and a new text box appears . So my challenge is to somehow open all the text-boxes in a scrap-book . This thing is possible as a proof i have given a screenshot below (click for a bigger image )


I didn’t use any Java-script for doing this task.

The challenge is open for all , if u have succeeded in doing this then please leave you solution as a comment . For any doubt please leave a comment .

PS:Project deadline extended for a week😀

PS2: Gaim not working😦

PS3: I am thinking of writing a post on Pj’s what say himank ??

Orkut Self-Scrapping and some other stuff

The old floodin scripts are not workin here is a working flooding script

method :-

1. Open your scrap book

2.Write anything in the text area and copy the followin script and paste it in ur address bar

3. Hit enter and wait for some time , the more you wait the more scraps u get 😉

javascript:i=0;sar=document.getElementsByTagName('TEXTAREA').item(0).value;document.body.innerHTML+='';document.forms[1].target='TextFlooding';setInterval("document.getElementsByTagName('TEXTAREA').item(0).value=sar +' '+ i;a=submitForm(document.forms[1], 'submit', '');i++",2000);void(0)

You can find the other scripts at

PS: second post of the day😀
PS2: doin heavy orkuttin nowadys cant help it:)

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Latest Crush :D

She is Jackie (Mila kunis) from “That 70’s Show”

Trivia :- She was only 14 when she gave auditions for “That 70’s show” .

Ps: Doing some programmin on spoj nowadays , Link to my profile.

Ps2: Project deadline is approaching😦

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It’s Tv time

Feeling really bored and hungry right now . .. so thought of writing a post to pass some time .Recently i have been into watching Tv serials .. before you get any wild imaginations I am not watching any of those irritating ekta kapoor soaps .I am watching some popular foreign Tv shows .The first tv series which i have watched in IIIT was “The coupling” . I loved that show , it was about a group of 6 friends who meet at a bar daily and share their happenings in their day-2-day life .The main characters were :-


Steve Taylor – Best friend to Jeff, boyfriend/fiancé of Susan and ex-long-term partner of Jane . Steve is skilled at saying the exact wrong thing at the wrong time. His inability to handle any kind of pressure often leads to various humorous and hugely inappropriate responses which make up most of his character’s comedy.

Susan Walker – Best friend to Sally, girlfriend/fiancée to Steve and ex-girlfriend of Patrick, Susan is also a co-worker of Jeff. Susan is often very sensible, very organised.Susan is a successful career woman, speaks French fluently, and takes her work life very seriously.The fights between her and her husband makes up the comedy part .J

Jeff – Best friend to Steve and co-worker to Susan whom he has dated once. Jeff is the main comic character in the series. His constant frustration, ridiculous stories and fantasies about women are a major part of the comedy.

Sally Harper – Best friend to Susan (and girlfriend to Patrick ), Sally is obsessed with her own appearance and constantly worries about the effects of aging and life in general on her looks.

Patrick Maitland – Ex-boyfriend to Susan (and boyfriend of Sally by series 4), Patrick has a one-track mind: he thinks only of women and the pursuit of women.

Jane Christie – Ex-long-time partner of Steve, Jane is very possessive, and despite breaking up with Steve in the very first episode, she never truly seems to let go. Jane has a problem talking to men, often coming on much too strong and appearing desperate or rude to others in her pursuit of a man.

I think you just need to check this out😉 . I have watched all episodes of this series and it has left me wanting for more ..but i guess i need to wait for a year or so😦 .

Then i started watching “Malcolm in the middle”

The whole show is about Malcolm, the third-oldest of four, later five, children in the family. The oldest child, Francis was shipped off to military school, leaving the three boys; Reese, Malcolm and Dewey living at home, Malcolm being the second oldest of the three (hence the title of the show.) The situation is centered on Malcolm and his dysfunctional family’s life.

I have 4 more episodes left after which i will be completing this series😀 . After watching this series i am gonna try “That 70’s Show” , “Naruto” and “I dream of Geannie ” .I guess that’s it … i no longer think that the tv is an idiot box , i think the Indian TV is an idiot box , and the credit goes to greatest drama queen ever Ms. Ekta Kapoor .Just wondering what would she name the above series if she produced them ..he he .

PS: I think Indian Tv needs to change Big time

PS2:Trying to enjoy the last holiday😦

PS3:Thanx to IV sir to put back Malcolm on his ftp server😀

PS4: I wanted to be the first one to write a post on TV , but i guess himank has already written it .

Being Weird

Himank has tagged me for writing a weird post , i have to write down 20 weird things about myslelf .But the weirdest thing i found about his post was that the word “weird” was misspelt throughout the post😀 .So here i go :-

1. I call myself to be a Goan , though i am living in Hyderabad from the 16 years .My seniors used to make fun of this during raggin ( read healthy interaction ) period😀 .

2.I have the weirdest kind of hair .I mean , I have tried to change my hairstyle for years but all in vain . I wish i could have hair like Karan or maybe Pagare . But people usually compliment me for my silky hair .

3.I have bought a Desktop , though i was supposed to buy a laptop😛

4.Though i have stayed in hyderabad for more than 15 years ,i dont know how to speak Telugu .

5.Though i played for the SAAP under-14 football team , i have never played a single football match in IIIT .I was lucky to get a credit in the first sem.

6.I have boarded the train 6 times till now in my lifetime .I don’t have any kind of phobia , I usually travel through car or a bus .

7.I have a weird habit of making fun of myself in front of others .I think there is no-better way to get happiness than to make fun of yourself.

8.I have watched 10 episodes of Malcolm and Middle on a stretch .I just lov this series .You have to try this one out .

9.I usually have lots of crushes on Hollywood beauties .You can observe this from here , here and here .

10.I have never talked to a girl ( expect ma relatives ) before 10th standard ,the credit goes to my school .I was studyin in a co-ed muslim school ( sultan-ul-uloom public school ) were you can find all the girls hiding themselves behind a burqa .

11.I have shop-lifted tons of chocolates from the local store .Even now he goes on high-alert after seeing me in his store .:)

12.I cant differentiate between left and right sides without looking at my operated hand .

13.I weigh around 77 kilos . I am heavier than Pk , himank and chand . Can u believe that !!!

14. I want to marry a Muslim girl .This can be because i have studied in a Muslim school and i live in a Muslim neighborhood or maybe i find them more good-looking than others .But i am pretty sure i will end up with a Brahmin girl😦 .

15. I cant bear Old Hindi movie songs . I find them idiotic and totally senseless . I apologize all fans of these songs , but i cant help it .

16. I feel weird to write this weird post , tagged by my weird roommate.

17. I guess i hate Rajasthani food .I dont like the daal-baati or the gaatte curry served by mess waala , while my friends love them .

18. I find it more comfortable to work in the night and sleep during the day .

19. Even though i am a saraswat brahmin , i have tried all kinds of sea-food , chicken and mutton .

20.I nearly know 5 languages . This includes konkani , hindi , english , a bit of telugu , a bit of kannada😀 .

PS1:I am just missing my mom … i just want to go home😦

PS2: Turbo’s FuckProxy firefox extension has fucked my default firefox theme , had to remove it 😀 .

PS3: The Orkut-Gtalk thing rox😀 . I now have more than 25 people on my gtalk friend list .

PS4: Using technorati tags for the first time .

Technorati Tags:

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Wireless in Linux For D-Link G510 ( rev C)

After toiling for about a month , my wireless in now working in Fedora Core 4.I had tried everything from madwifi to ndiswrapper but nothing helped me.
Actually the D-link G510 card has Four versions rev A , B , C and D.The first
two are Atheros based cards , hence they can easily be used by using madwifi
drivers.But C and D are not atheros based , they have to be installed by using
Ra-link drivers ( i am not sure about D though😀 ).So here is the procedure to install wireless drivers for D-Link G510 rev C.

1.Download the Ra-link drivers from

2.untar the file $tar -xvzf RT61_Linux_STA_Drv1.0.4.0.tar.gz the following commands :-

$ cd RT61_Linux_STA_Drv1.0.4.0/Modules
$ cp Makefile.6 Makefile
$ make all
$ mkdir /etc/Wireless/
$ mkdir /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/
$ cp *.bin /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/
$ dos2unix rt61sta.dat
$ cp rt61sta.dat /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/rt61sta.dat
$ /sbin/insmod rt61.ko
$ /sbin/ifconfig ra0 inet YOUR_IP up
$ /sbin/iwconfig ra0 ESSID “put the essid here”
$ dhclient ra0
4.Try to ping to some ip .If is pinging , voila you are connected. else , dont
worry even i was not able to ping .run the following commands :-

$ /sbin/iwpriv ra0 set SSID=”your essid” CxRate=12 NetworkType=Infra
( this depends on your connection , see man iwpriv for more options ,For
IIITians these will be enuf😉 )

$ /sbin/iwlist ra0 scanning

By running the last command , you should get some cells ( i.e Access Points )
If you are getting them this means your wireless card is now ready to use.Now
you just need to write the configuration script

5.Writing the configuration script
Go to the directory /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
Open a new file named “ifcfg-ra0” ( $ vi ifcfg-ra0 ) using any editor

Copy and Paste the following :-

ESSID=’your essid’
NETMASK=”your netmask”
IPADDR=”your ip address here”
GATEWAY=”your default gateway here”

make sure you make the neccesary changes ( i.e ESSID , ip gateway )😉 neat command and then activate the wirless from there. this command $kwifimanager

it will open a wifi manager. try to search for networks.It will automatically
connect to the network

8.Copy the rt61.ko file and keep it somewhere . every time you reboot , go to the directory and type

the following commands

/sbin/insmod rt61.ko

/sbin/ifconfig ra0 inet up

that’s enuf for the card to start working

PS: Looking forward to install dcpp ( dc++ for linux with better gui )
PS1: Yesterdays OS assignment rocked😀
PS2: I am thanful to kulbir for helping me in writing configuration scripts
PS3: Looking forward to help Nishant sir in Linux Cluster’s

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Another victim of Plagarism

I came to know that Rakesh sir’s Blog got copied . I am happy for him that his posts were deleted by the copier on request .

I am also suffering from at the hands of a copier . This guy copies each and every post of my blog , and two other blogs . Copying everything without even looking at the content. For instance , he has copied all my latest crushes . He calls kulbir as his class-mate . and himank his roomate . I am totally sick of this guy . I have told him to delete my post or at least give a link to my blog . But he doesnt listen , he keeps copying evry blog one after one . I dunno why he is doing this , one of the reasons can be to increase popularity . Here are some screenshots :-

My latest crush post :-

My original post

copied post

My top post ( according to #of visitors ) :-

My original Post

Copied post

Please leave a comment in this blog ,to delete my copied posts . I think this would help me😀

I hope he doesnt copies this one too😛

PS: Wasted the whole day .. could have done something useful

PS2: check this out :- IIIT network Blog

PS3: My roomate has gone crazy ( more crazier than normal ) . he wrote two blogs in a span of 0ne hour😛

PS4: NFSC is awesome , you should give it a try .