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Friends Part I


Well wikipedia suggests that Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behaviour between two or more social entities. Well i was a fool to search the meaning of friendship in wiki rather than finding it in my mind ( i don’t believe that heart and mind are different things ) . I had a different meaning to friendship when i was in my school . I used to think that .. we all have to split into pairs of best friends and then dont care for others .. yes u may be thinking that i am a psycho but this is wat i felt when i was in school. I used to have only one good friend , and other classmates were just classmates nothing more nothing less . I used to limit my self only to one guy , but mind you the other guy had healthy relations with others . And i used to hate it …. i just wished that there could be a friend that would only be mine and only mine . I must have been damn selfish , i must have been a weirdo .. i simply dunno .

Even in intermediate i tried to restrict myself to not more than 3 friends . But those days were different we never had time to think about relationships because we had to prepare like hell in our Jails ( as Prof Govindarajulu calls them ) for EAMCET ( read EAMSHIT ) . So wat maruti why did u blog ??? now people will think that u are more weird than they thought !! Are you happy now ?? . Well i have written this blog to express the change which i have undergone after coming to IIIT .
I remember how i used to restrict myself only to two friends in the first semester… i thought that they were the most important part of my life .Then in my second semester i met the best circle of friends i could ever find .. and i thank god for it . They changed my outlook towards friendship .. now i have 15 great friends …. and i was feeling better than i used to ever before . I will always be thankful to all these guys for changing my definition of friendship .
I will always cherish the great times we had in second semester .. those endless BC hours , those group studies before exams ,those visits to malls for doing window-shopping and to increase our frustooness by looking at hot females , those painful birthdays , the walks around the campus , the fun in nicknaming somebody . Ah so many memories to remember .. i wish i could upgrade my Memory power lolz😛 .

But why am i mentioning only second semester ?? Didn’t we do the same things in 3rd and 4th sem ??

Answers in next post

Song of the day: “Lithium” by Nirvana .. its freaking awesome guys

PS: Sorry wasnt able to complete the post … i have promised someone that i will sleep by 3:35am .. and i am already 10 mins late😦

PS2: Cache-In was awesome ..except for the sucking wireless

PS3: Didnt write a single technical post from almost 6 months :O

PS4: No assigments … Yipeee .. i dont noe why it feels like as if i am in middle of some holidays

PS5: one of the biggest post i have ever written😀

PS6: 4 posts in 5 days => Totally jobless

Timepass Games

Remember the old school days …. you are sitting with your best buddy and the class turns out to be the most boring lecture of your life .. and both of u look at each other with a evil grin on your face and only one thing running  in your mind “Lets play some timepass games ” ….

Well as far i remember i used to play the following games :-

1.Tic-Tac-Toe:- I assume everyone would have played this … doesn’t need anything except for a rough paper and a pen😉 … hours of fun and masti😉

2.Pen Fight :- The ultimate fights of machines .. eh pens😛 . You just need a table and two pens to play this awesome game … i used to play with a bulky steel pen .. which used to beat all those weak and poor plastic pens .  I remember the steel pens were banned due to this reason .

3.Join-The-Dots:- well i dont remeber the exact name of the game .. firstly we used to draw a matrix made by dots and then we had to join those dots to form a square and then write the first letter of our name in the box …. the one who gets more boxes wins😛 .

4.Hollywood-Bollywood :- The old fill-in-the blanks game … but i used to suck at this😦 .

5.Flames :- Its a small game by which we used to predict  the relation between two people .. it used to be fun linking some of friends with others .. and some times we used link them with our teachers and  aayas 😛 .

Forgive me if i haven’t listed your favorite game .. just comment it😉 .

I am missing my school days so much😦 … all my batch-mates had a reunion on the day when i had 3 midsems :(  .

SONG of the day :- “Master of puppets” by Metallica .. “Obey you master … your life burns faster

PS: 3 posts in 4 days .. i am really jobless😛

PS2: DBMS submission today😦

PS3: This is my 61st post

PS4: 87,783+ blog hits😀

PS5: Organizing Dance @ Felicity 07 …:)

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PS7: The Image in this post doesnt reflect my grades in school😀

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