Timepass Games

Remember the old school days …. you are sitting with your best buddy and the class turns out to be the most boring lecture of your life .. and both of u look at each other with a evil grin on your face and only one thing running  in your mind “Lets play some timepass games ” ….

Well as far i remember i used to play the following games :-

1.Tic-Tac-Toe:- I assume everyone would have played this … doesn’t need anything except for a rough paper and a pen😉 … hours of fun and masti😉

2.Pen Fight :- The ultimate fights of machines .. eh pens😛 . You just need a table and two pens to play this awesome game … i used to play with a bulky steel pen .. which used to beat all those weak and poor plastic pens .  I remember the steel pens were banned due to this reason .

3.Join-The-Dots:- well i dont remeber the exact name of the game .. firstly we used to draw a matrix made by dots and then we had to join those dots to form a square and then write the first letter of our name in the box …. the one who gets more boxes wins😛 .

4.Hollywood-Bollywood :- The old fill-in-the blanks game … but i used to suck at this😦 .

5.Flames :- Its a small game by which we used to predict  the relation between two people .. it used to be fun linking some of friends with others .. and some times we used link them with our teachers and  aayas 😛 .

Forgive me if i haven’t listed your favorite game .. just comment it😉 .

I am missing my school days so much😦 … all my batch-mates had a reunion on the day when i had 3 midsems :(  .

SONG of the day :- “Master of puppets” by Metallica .. “Obey you master … your life burns faster

PS: 3 posts in 4 days .. i am really jobless😛

PS2: DBMS submission today😦

PS3: This is my 61st post

PS4: 87,783+ blog hits😀

PS5: Organizing Dance @ Felicity 07 …:)

PS6: I have Categorized all my older posts ..:)

PS7: The Image in this post doesnt reflect my grades in school😀

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6 responses to “Timepass Games

  1. You havent written book cricket you ass….
    I also used to play Raja,wazir, Chor, Sipahi when we were in 5th-6th
    And you are talking about steel pens… We used to specially design pens for playing pen fight and it used to be on large scalee 4 tables combined and 3 players on each side.. We used to fill our pens with steel bearings and iron nails procured from the cycle shops and the pen made using these techniques were so bulky that our fingers used to hurt after playing this game but the games lasted very long coz no open will go down

  2. its nice to remember how v used to play games on d last banch of d class ,how v used to fight n laugh in our childhood . i miss all those days. thanx for letting me remember all those awsome days of my life :)
    its always nice to read ur blog .
    all u always rock , yaar …….

  3. abe awesome maan.. both u roomies are at the peak of ur bloggin prowesses
    i just can’t forget flames pen fight and holloywood bollywodd

  4. @Himank … Looks awesome baap ..
    @Mudit thanx dude ..
    @Karan … he he .. thanx

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  6. This is nostalgic! Loved these games!

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