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Proposal !!!

Got tagged here … Thanx himank ,wanted to write a post from decades .

So here goes ….


I had to attend a shop-opening ceremony in CTC . Though i didnt want to go but my Mom forced me😦 . I hate parties ( with adults ) .. its like everyone asks u the same set of questions “Beta Studying well na ?? ” “Dont fall for girls !! Zindagi bachi hui hai badmein bahut time milega ” “How is your coll life ?? hows mess food ??” etc etc .

We reached an hour late .. and the pooja was going on . I was getting bored so i thought of having a look at some of the other shops over der . Was going around some random Computer store …. and there she was . She looked very attractive ,It was love at first site . It was like the time has stopped and some arbit hindi song was running in background … eh cut the crap😛 … this didnt happen😀 . I entered the shop , looked around and tried coming close to her . She was right in front of me , this was the moment but i was afraid abt what my mom would think . I went to the shop keeper … and proposed to her “Can i have that Nvidia 8800GTX ?? ” .She said “Sorry Dear !! Thats the last piece in the store !! Come back in a week ” .

Lolz …. that was a Phatta ( i.e PJ ) . I was talking abt the graphics card .😛 .By “She” i meant the graphics card😀

Its like i can never propose to a girl … may be i am too shy and i have never felt so strongly for anyone . I have had several crushes & infatuations but they dont last for more than a week .

Since i didnt like the topic .. i wont tag anyone😉 . But if u still want to write a post just send an email i will tag u.

Song of The Day: “This love ” by Maroon 5

PS:Himank is gonna kick ma ass for writing a PJ

PS2: Lifes cool .. hols from tommorow😀

PS3: Have watched 3 movies continously !! ( English( Accepted) + Hindi (Fanaa)+ Telugu(Vennela) )

PS4: Congrats to Australia … !! Because of them i have lost my tiny-biny interest on cricket

PS5: Have a nice day !!😀


I am totally frustrated by the actions of some of my friends rather i would consider them as class mates . Me being an average guy at studies with an average GPA , never used to envy anybody who would get a better GPA or score more than me in any of the courses . And if any of my close friends use to get some really high marks i felt happy for them . I remember one day when i wasnt able to upload all the C-programs … and my friend had uploaded his at the last minute , i felt happy and joined his celebrations .
I am really disturbed with the recent behavior of my class-mates . The first incident :- I had scored a little high in Algorithms endsem . When i was taking my dinner , i met mr Mr. X and greeted him with a friendly “hi” , X ignored me and was tryin to look busy . X had scored decently but not high , he started the topic of Algo paper and said that the average was “45” out of 60 . And he would get a C or D in Algo , i was shocked because i knew that the average was around “30” and i consoled him by saying “Dude ! dont worry the average is around 30 u wont get a C ” . But he gave a sharp reply “Maruti ! Who the f**K do u think u are ?? U are not the only one scoring 50 ! ” . And i remained silent thinking that the guy must be really frustrated . And he never talked to me after that incident .

The Second Incident happened today … i was selected under Prof Z . I was overjoyed as i didnt expect this to happen as my CGPA was low when compared to others . But i remained silent , and went to my room to have a bath and get ready for my class .While i was leaving i wanted to check out whether Y was going to class or not . I entered his room , and he gave me an evil grin and said ” **** tujhe Prof Z ke andhar kaise mil gaya be ??? Out of 6 people he selected har is phodu … and the others have a CGPA arnd 8.5 !!! How did u get thru !!! U are doing Btech . Tuj jaise **** ko kaise mil gaya . ” .

After this incident , i was a bit disturbed . And to top it , another friend asked to me to install some rpms , and the dependency problem frustrated me . I excused myself from that place and tried concentrating on my assigment . But wasnt able to do it as i kept thinking abt people who talk to u so sweetly daily and turn out to be selfish freaks when u get some good marks or get something which they didnt get . I really didnt know what to do , so had to blog to relive myself . I really donno if i shud publish this post or not , what if Y or X reads this post ??? To be frank , i dont give a **** .

Song of the Day : Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit ..the ultimate reliever in such conditions .

Some lines from that song :-

Its just one of those days
When you don’t wanna wake up
Everything is f*ked
Everybody sux
You don’t really know why
But you want justify
Rippin’ someone’s head off
No human contact
And if you interact
Your life is on contract
Your best bet is to stay away m***f***r
It’s just one of those days!

PS: Liked this statement by prof PJN “Never get satisfied by an answer which is below expectation.” source :- SKP’s Home page

PS2:Started the new category : Ranting😛

PS3: Title Sux😀

PS4: This is the end

 UPDATE :-  I know i shudnt have posted this post !!! But know since i have posted it i dont want to remove it … i am extremly sorry if X or Y were obvious … and i am sorry for causing embarrassment  if any . But i dont want to forget this incident so i have updated this post

Lite Le

Hmm … was thinking abt writing a tag post so that many dead bloggers can wake up😛 .

So here is my idea …. I would describe my fellow bloggers and what i feel about them … and i will tag some lazy souls in the end😛 .

So here goes :-

Himank The most active blogger of Ug2k5 .. who can beat his speed of writin blogs ??? i guess he is the most jobless soul in the whole batch😛 . Writes nice and diffrent posts … the quality of his language has increased but dunno why i think the quality of his posts has decreased . The thing i like about this guy is he writes straight from his heart .

Piyush Has started writing recently ( just two posts ) . I just have one word to describe him and his blog “SENTI” to the max . I am damn sure that he is the most SENTI guy in IIIT😛 .

Karan Maroo I just envy this guys creativity … every post reflects his creativity . According to me , he is the best blogger of our batch quality wise  . Peace😛 .

Deepti I just love to read her writings . She presents her posts quite beautifully … just love her writing style . You would find a bit of philosophy in every post she writes😛 .If she blogs frequently maybe she can become a good blogger .:)

Pagare The Bhopali of out batch . Just like you cant judge the genre of SOAD .. u cant judge this guys writings . I mean every post is totally different from the other . Just wish that he could blog frequently😛 .

Aditya The ROCK blogger😛 .. you will find more of “rock”‘s than “the”‘s in his posts  .. just kiddin . Writes quite well .. posts usually hover arnd rock music😛

Manish 1048 !! thats what i call him😛 ( thats his roll no mine being 1049 ) . Writes thoda hat ke …. his outlook of life is a bit diffrent from others and this thing reflects in his posts .

That’s it Guys …. Sorry i am feeling very sleepy and its 7 am and i didnt sleep last nite .

Now the ppl whom i tag :-

1. Himank

2. Karan

3. Aditya


Song of the Day :- Hey Chinna from the movie Ranam … gotta listen to this ulti MASS song

PS: That was my first telugu song in Song of the day category

PS2: CVIT workshop assigments😦 suck .
PS3: Lifes cool

PS4: Thinking of shifting to single room:)

PS5: Anybody interested on the same topic can write on the same

PS6: The Title sux big time😛

Adios 4th Semester :)


” I am free bird !!!

Exams Khatam !! Masti Shuru !! ”

These are the exact words which were runing in my mind when i finished my Graphics End-sem:) . Whoaaa!!! What a sem . According to me this was the most hectic semester of all and i hope the other 4 semesters of my btech are comparatively much  cooler than this:) .

But i dunno why but i am not gettin the Holiday  feel😦 . I am sleeping more than 12 hrs a day😛 , waking up for lunch and dinner and having a stroll arnd the campus with my friends .

Summary of this semester

1.My outlook of life … both the 3rd and 4th semester has changed my outlook on life .. and i am thankful to the two buddies who have made me realize that world is not a dream world . And i was surprised ( rather shocked ) after lookin at the other side of the world . Chalo it was good that i realized it earlier .

2. My routine … I used to sleep at arnd 3:30-4:30 am but now sleep at arnd 1-2😛 .

3. Classes .. Tried listenin to some of the lectures .Was able to concentrate in DBMS:) .

4. Bloggin .. was bloggin on regular basis and totally changed my image from a g33k blogger to a normal blogger😛

5. Friends … Was in touch with all my school buddies after a long time . And my relationship with some of my  friends here increased exponentially:)

6. Was able to keep my new-year resolution:)

7 . Stopped chatting and orkutting😛

8.  Music : Have started listening to Hindi songs … some of the songs i loved are Ankahee by Kunal ganjawala and songs from album Tera mera pyar  .

9. Was a bit serious abt studies this semester

10 . Have decided to do Honours in CVIT:) lets see wats in store for me in this summer😉

11 . Started the “Song of the day” thing in my posts:)

That’s it guys … This semester has taught me a lot and i have suffered a lot too😛 .

Song of the day : “Who is it” by MJ .

PS: Going home today !!

PS2: CVIT Classes from tommorow😦

PS3: Gasolina vdo is cool:)

PS4:  Check this out

PS5: This is the end