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Orkut Scrap as a Live Feed

Yeah back to something geeky😀 . This blog used to be a tech-blog at the beginning which slows transformed totally into a personal blog , so here is a tech post to brush things up😀 .

Ever thought of checking ur orkut scraps without loggin in ?? Wouldnt it be awesome ! The wait is over here is a nice tool frm where u can get the live feed of ur orkut scraps directly in ur browser . All thanx to Vikas Patial , the mastermind behind this orkut tool . Here is how u can use this tool :-

1. Everyone has UID ( user-id ) in orkut , to find out your user id go to ur scrapbook page and copy the number after “Scrapbook.aspx?uid=” .Click on the pic for better view

2.Copy the userid in the following link and keep it in place of {uid} .{uid}

In my Case it would be

this is the rss feed to your scrapbook , now u can use any rss reader or save it as a firefox live bookmark.

Song of the day :- “Yeh Dooriyan” frm the film Fool and Final .

PS: Feels good to write a techy post after a long time

PS2: Lifes cool … tryin to get sm ideas

PS3: Felicity 08 first meeting was held in UG2 lab😛 .

PS4: Lite teesko pani chusko , god this ps sux😛

My Wishes

Got tagged by Deepti over here .

If a genie comes and asks me for 5 wishes , my wishes would be :-

1. The Best Personal Computer System ever …. with TeraByte’s of Hardisk and RAM . The best graphics card and the best monitor and all the components you can find … whooaaa i am ready to sacrifice all my 5 wishes for this😉

2. The Fastest Internet Connection :- After coming to iiit Internet has become my basic necessity after “Roti , Kapda and Makkan ”😛 . And after experiencing the sucking wireless LAN … i would love to have the fastest Internet connection in the world . Downloading movies and playing multilayer games would be so much fun .

3. The Coolest Bike in the block : A nice sports bike with top speed of 200+kmph 😀 and which will be envied by everyone . Well i will get my license in 6 months .

4. To spend my whole life with all my close buddies and my Family , i mean the people who matter the most to me . A bit senti over der.

5.To be in a college full of girls ( Muslims Prefered😀 ) and me being the only guy over there … and the college to be located in some other planet so dat no girl has access to any other guy😀 . Whoaaa !!!! this is gonna be fun and dont i sound Frustoo😛 .

Coming to dreams , i would like to write about some of my dreams

The first one :- I was walking near Imax and suddenly a hot gurl comes up to me and says “Hey !! Are u Maruti Borker who writes on Orkut Hacking and stuff … i just love ur posts .” me :- ” Well !! They arent working anymore ” . She:- “Oh !! Anywayz would u like to have a Coffee with me ? I would love to talk to u for some time “. I nodded and we had a lovely date … dont want to go into details😀 .

The second one wasnt a dream but was a nightmare :- I was walking with my close buddy near Microsoft and from nowhere, a guy in a running car shoots some bullets at the watchman . And one bullet accidentally hits my friend and i remained helpless .I woke up immediately and next day i tried contacting my friend but got no reply … and was very scared . But atlas got a reply after about 2 hrs . I got this dream again , and this time i saved my friend by jumping and i got hit by the bullet😛 .

Song of the day :- “Nightingale” by Yanni … a melodious instrumental song . I am in love with it:) .

PS: Dream#2 or Nightmare#1 explains my 4th wish😀 .

PS2: 2 posts in 2 days … M back😀

PS3: Planning to go home:) .

PS4: Cricket @ BBall Court rox !! but i was late and was able to bat only once😦

PS5: @Deepti Had to write wish no.5😛 .

PS6: Linkin parks latest song “What i’ve done” is cool check out the vdo .

What a mess !!!

     Viks :- ” This is Blasphemy …. This is madness “

     Me :- “No buddy !!! This is the NBH mess ”

The thing which every IIITian ( shud i say IIIT-H ian ) whines about …. FOOD . God i am hating my stay here just because of the food … i have tried every mess here in IIIT , but i get sick of it in a week😦 . The messes i have tried :-

       1. NBH :- When we were in first semster , we had to eat in this fetid mess , thanx to Healthy interaction by our seniors . Well this mess was kinda ok but the limited paneer thing use to freak me out😦 . But got sick of it in a month . But on Sunday’s it prepares the best parathas and raita , so dont miss it on sundays.Breakfasts prepared here is good , and i just love the pooris on saturdays😀 .

      2.OBH GF :- This was the second mess i tried , it looked good in the beginning but the menu didnt change much😦 and as a result got bored of it in a month. The only plus point being no limit on paneer😀 .

     3. Yukthahaar :- Food was good , hot rottis with ghee yummy !! , but i was used to eating rice daily at home so got sick of it in 2 months . But i still say the mess is good and the most hygenic mess amongst all.
     4.OBH FF:- Tried this recently , serves perfect Andhra meals … and i kinda liked it . It was hot and spicy and you can get an bolied egg for just 4/-😉 . Major minus point very far away from my room , and i dont think its hygenic😦

     5 .IEG mess :- This is the most recent mess i have tried and its in the IEG building ( right beside the Motorola building ) . Well the food prepared here is less oily and u get only rice . But its good for 20/- .

The Canteen caterer is much better than the previous one , the menu is good .But the recent increase in the rate sux😦 . Special Chicken fried rice isnt worth 40/- and that guy serves chicken curry with Egg biryani (Eggitarians  beware ) . The juice bandi at the coffee shop is much better than one at canteen and hygenic too .  Well when will IIIT have a 24×7 canteen😦 .

Song of the day :- “Hallowed be thy Name ” by Cradle of Filth:)

PS: One microsoft product which doesnt suck go here . Gotta read abt it😀 .

PS2: Lifes cool

PS3: Looks like blogs are converting into discussion forums , refer Himanks and Veers blogs

PS4: My advisor will out from 17th till 29th …😀

PS5: Gotta shift back into double room … Administration sux😦

PS6: Check out my longest comment on himanks “Happy Birthday ” post😉

PS7: Somebody suggest me a movie😦

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M back

Didnt blog frm 12 days😛 . Holidays were awesome .Tried many new dishes , mom is a great cook . Had a free lunch at the new Restaurant Tandoor ( beside lifestyle begumpet ) . Drove miles , had loads of fun with my old buddies and bikes😀 .

Watched many movies , here are my short reviews for some😀 :-

DOA: Dead or Alive Timepass movie is based on some Tekken type video game , story is a utter crap .Who cares about the story , when u have got three hotties and ninja action😛 . Christie’s entry was awesome and a must watch for all frustus. Are u listenin pagare ??

Monster in Law : A rich man falls in love with a middle class girl and wants to marry her . Rich man’s mom cant say no to the marriage so tries to make the life of the middle class girl miserable . Very Predectible story . Jenffier lopez looks awesome in this pic . But the movie sux😛

Lemony Snickets A Series Of Unfortunate Events : Fairytale type movie , Jim carrey’s acting is superb .

The Devil Wears Prada : Nice movie , Anne Hathaway looks very cute😀 . Shows life at corporate level .

Music and Lyrics :- Was kindda cool , Drew Barrymore looked lovely . Good story , nice songs😀 .

Song of the Day :- “Petrified” by Fort Minor .

PS: Happy Bday Himank😉

PS2: Trying out a new theme😀

PS3: Didnt feel like leaving home😦

PS4: Have started the novel “If tommorow never comes ”

PS5: Students server upgraded to fc5😛 . I am sick of spams😦

PS6: Have a nice day ! this is the end