My Wishes

Got tagged by Deepti over here .

If a genie comes and asks me for 5 wishes , my wishes would be :-

1. The Best Personal Computer System ever …. with TeraByte’s of Hardisk and RAM . The best graphics card and the best monitor and all the components you can find … whooaaa i am ready to sacrifice all my 5 wishes for this😉

2. The Fastest Internet Connection :- After coming to iiit Internet has become my basic necessity after “Roti , Kapda and Makkan ”😛 . And after experiencing the sucking wireless LAN … i would love to have the fastest Internet connection in the world . Downloading movies and playing multilayer games would be so much fun .

3. The Coolest Bike in the block : A nice sports bike with top speed of 200+kmph 😀 and which will be envied by everyone . Well i will get my license in 6 months .

4. To spend my whole life with all my close buddies and my Family , i mean the people who matter the most to me . A bit senti over der.

5.To be in a college full of girls ( Muslims Prefered😀 ) and me being the only guy over there … and the college to be located in some other planet so dat no girl has access to any other guy😀 . Whoaaa !!!! this is gonna be fun and dont i sound Frustoo😛 .

Coming to dreams , i would like to write about some of my dreams

The first one :- I was walking near Imax and suddenly a hot gurl comes up to me and says “Hey !! Are u Maruti Borker who writes on Orkut Hacking and stuff … i just love ur posts .” me :- ” Well !! They arent working anymore ” . She:- “Oh !! Anywayz would u like to have a Coffee with me ? I would love to talk to u for some time “. I nodded and we had a lovely date … dont want to go into details😀 .

The second one wasnt a dream but was a nightmare :- I was walking with my close buddy near Microsoft and from nowhere, a guy in a running car shoots some bullets at the watchman . And one bullet accidentally hits my friend and i remained helpless .I woke up immediately and next day i tried contacting my friend but got no reply … and was very scared . But atlas got a reply after about 2 hrs . I got this dream again , and this time i saved my friend by jumping and i got hit by the bullet😛 .

Song of the day :- “Nightingale” by Yanni … a melodious instrumental song . I am in love with it:) .

PS: Dream#2 or Nightmare#1 explains my 4th wish😀 .

PS2: 2 posts in 2 days … M back😀

PS3: Planning to go home:) .

PS4: Cricket @ BBall Court rox !! but i was late and was able to bat only once😦

PS5: @Deepti Had to write wish no.5😛 .

PS6: Linkin parks latest song “What i’ve done” is cool check out the vdo .

14 responses to “My Wishes

  1. i have no comments on first 2 wishes [guess the config of my PC is enough for me]
    but the 3rd and 5th one surely roxxxx:)

  2. seriuosly be ur fisrt and da last 3 wishes r really rockin {as i’m happy wid the current internet speed if it doesn’t disconnect frequently:) }
    and ur 1st dream really sux as i don’t believe it would ever happen in ur life😛 {just jockin yaar} but 2nd one is a nice one
    btw who was that person whom u saved by gettin hit by da bullet…………….

  3. Well-o-well…Nice choices buddy!!By the way,you have never mentioned to me about your first dream😉 You always talk about the other one.. And regarding your PS 5,I would dedicate one whole post on you and your muslim girlfirends!!😉

  4. 1. first wish seriously rox yar … i feel starving with even 1gig ram … it’s slightly ok if you starve of resources but i think the pc should not … well good news for me … going to hv 17/19″ lcd display and a nice gfx card after the vacations [BIRC RAShip rox …]….
    2. well right now i m enjoying the main bldg wired lan .. so a bit satisfied … but its not good enough to be totally satisfied ….
    3. crap … well if u suddenly/unfortunately met an accident, you would not be able to use ur compu for days … nd that can almost kill me …
    4. i wud love to spend my life in china/russia … because hacking is not illegal over there😉 ….
    5. absurd …. you’ll get bored after sometime … instead ask for smthing useful … nd yeah you sound frustoooo …

  5. sexy dream 2 mama😛

  6. Wishes 1 & 2 Show that you are completley a geek … While reading them i was thinking… What a geek!!!
    3 & 4 are wishes of a normal human being…. no probs dere!!!

    N wish 5 shows that being a nerd you are a complete frustu… come on who wishes this.. What will you do with so many girls… You just need 1 and tel me what will be the world without guys.. so damn fucking boring

    & in wish 2 : Its ‘Makan’ or ‘Makaan’ not ‘Makkan’

    Bat only once and field the rest of the time….:) Kaat Diya….😛

  7. @shrikant Dude never be satisfied by anything cheap😛

    @viks thanx for the first good comment from urside .. other than something like “u suxxxxxxxxx”😛

    @Deepti I will be honored if u write a post !!! I am waiting😉

    @Kulbir 1. Great dude .. I think i will also get a decent system in CVIT labs😀
    2.Wired lan is better than Wireless but there always is craving for better resourses😀
    3.Thanx for warning me …😛 . Well i dont mind having an accident … i will use smbdys laptop😛
    4.China/Russia ..😛 man they will fk ur ass😛
    5.I dont think so😛

    @Karan Thanx😀 and write the tag post .. i think Deepti has tagged u too .

    @Himank thanx for callin me a normal human being . And i dont know what i will do … i am more intrested in knowin wat they will do to me:)

  8. soche bina likha hai…i dint lik it…mayb i’m soundin a tad rude,bt dis z d reality….donno xctly bt aftr readin it,d conclusion i hv reachd z dat u wer in a hurry n just wrote it…cmn dude,grow up…..a genie z cumin 2 u sayin he’ll fulfil all ur 5 wishes…think abt it….evn den if dey r d sam,den it’s fin,bt by readin ur post n d way u hv presentd,i jst felt d sam i hv writn above…dere z nth bad abt havin such dreams…it’s gud…in fact,evry dream z gud coz v crave 2 fulfil dat n dat’s vt mak lif dynamic vich z d real taste of lif…i’m nt criticizin ur dreams,i cnt…nobdy shud….bt i donno y,i dint lik ur presentation in dis post.

  9. @manisharora … Yeah i noe i have acted kiddish … but thats because i wanted to add some humor in the post😉 . Anyways i respect ur thoughts for the post . And if u ask me wishes 1, 3 ,4 were serious😀 . And its good to have a comment like this:)

  10. nice dreams there !!! The IMAX one might come true. How about you put a pic or something o’er here just in case😉 !!!

  11. @kislove … sure dude😉 pray for me

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