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Being Sick Sux !!

Was sick with viral fever for about 16 days … The consequences :-

1.I am 4 kilos lighter … people give u the “Are kitna suka hogaya re tu ” look .

2.Forced haircut … my Mom thought that the reason for my headache was my hair , so down went the hair :( .

3. Weakness … I get tired after walking from NBH to OBH , god knows how i am gonna shift .

4. People treat you as if u are some refugee from some tsunami .. this sux :( .

The experience :-

In first week was totally on bed , took tablets and slept . Second week got admitted into a hospital . The main problem was that admitted in a Children’s Hospital ( I am 19 years old :D ) and everyone keept asking me my age :( .I was allowed in the hospital because it was run by my family doc :P . Well the nurse looking after me was cute so had a lovely time :D . Was discharged the next day and was back home , now the recovery stage had to take tablets and sleep all the time .Was ulti bored and TV was the only source of entertainment .

I dont want to be sick again so will be eating healthy food and tablets for a few days .

Song of the day : “Tere mera Milna” from Aap ka suroor .. Voice sucks song rox :D .

PS: Please get me a room in OBH :( .

PS2: To all those who didnt call me , aish karo mein bhi nahi karunga .

PS3: To all those who called , thanx buddies

PS4: Back to bloggin :D

PS5: NBH breakfast sux :( .

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