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Ultimately after postponing this post for abt a semester , i think i am now ready to write the post . I was afraid abt what people will think about me after i write this post … but know to think abt it i dont give a damn , and i am really cool being a smoker and as Skp said “If you smoke you will get lung cancer unless u rant abt it ”😀 .So here goes :-

When i was in 6th-7th i used to think why people are so crazy for gettin some smoke out of their mouth . And me being really “Sudhrahua”-types believed that i would never get into such things . Then when i was in 10th , had the same thinking but also came to know why people actually do it , now i had really decided that i wont even touch it . But one fine day , during my vacation after AIEEE and IIT , my friend called me up and asked me whether i could accompany him to Mehdipatnam . I agreed and we reached Mpatnam , there we bought some veggies etc . After that we went to a Pani-Puri bandi and after that he went to the pan shop got two Gold flakes ( chota ) , and asked me to try it . I refused instantly .

Friend:- “U are a bitch !! Mummy ka ladla beta hai tu , ja bournvita pi ” ( you are mamas boy go drink bournvita)

Me:- ” Y are u angry ,man ?? I will never touch that stuff”

Friend:-“Meri dosti ke liye ek puff maar le phir dekh lena” ( Smoke a single puff for sake of my friendship ? )

After this senti dialouge i had to smoke a puff , and u guys wont belive it i didnt choke😀 . And no smoke came out , i was dissapointed . I tried again and again , but all in vain . Alas i finished the whole cig , i didnt feel anythin and thought that the whole ciggrate thing was crap .

Semester 3 : Same place , Mehdipatnam bus stop , this time with a college friend . After completing our shopping , we were waitin at the bustop and suddenly ,

Friend:- ” Did u ever try cig ?? ”

Me:- ” Nopes man ! Dont wanna try either” ( i lied😛 )

Friend:- ” I have started smokin , my friend introduced this lovely thing to me durin summer , wanna try one ?? ”

Me:-“Okies ”

He gave me a lighted cig ( i didnt know how to light a cig then ) , i tried smokin and he was amazed that i didn’t choke . I told him that i am not feeling any different. Then he asked me to take the smoke into the lungs and keep it there for a moment . I did that for some puffs and i was feeling a bit dizzy , but i really like it😀 . After that there was no looking back . I promised my self that i wont smoke more than 2 ciggs/week . But then the rate increased from 2/week-> 4/week to 1/day . And i was smoking a cigg daily , and during some night out 4-5/day. I on my part have never forced anyone to smoke and neither will i commit such a thing .

Some interesting things which i experienced :-

1. I had once smoked around 10 suttas and i was feeling Smokey😛 . My lips were dry and the taste of everything changed to something carbonish . But still i didn’t get high i dunno why .

2.I smoked 2 ciggrates in a closed bathroom , and when i got out i was barely able to walk .

3. I tried the traditional beedi , i smoked arnd 6-7 beedi’s in one day . The taste sux though

4. I tried out cigar once , didnt have a good experince , i nearly vommited .

5. I have tried Marlbora , wills (classic|regular|mint| .. ) and ofcourse the most famous Gold flake .

But frankly speakin 1cigg/day is way under control , even then i left sutta after december and then now i rarely smoke . Nowadays i smoke abt 2-3 ciggs/month . Cool aint it .

I wrote this post so that next time some batch-mate sees me smokin i wont be afraid to do so:) and yeah as skp said i dont want to have a lung cancer .

lastly i want to say HOLD THE CIGARRETE DONT LET IT HOLD U  ( by  SMR ).

Song of the day:- Sutta na mila by Zeest

PS1: Ah finally !!!

PS2: I support SIGCIG u guys rock !!

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PS4: For the love of god , stop spammin ug3 mailin list u have life for that .

I miss ….

I have listed out some things which i miss being away from home ( in no particular order ) :-

1. Food : Obviously … and looking at the condition of mess this year , I think i need to buy a heater for maggi😦

2.Language : There is no one here who talks konkani ( mother tounge ) , and i during my last visit to home , was grasping for words😦 . And i also miss talkin in Hyderabadi , ppl have told me to talk in hyderabadi but there is none who could reply back in Hyderabadi😦 . Baigan😦

3. Tension-free-env : I have never been so pre-occupied with things before , and i really miss the tension free enviornment over der .

4.My family : It has been a decade when i had a  talk with my dad , and i miss reporting mom after college about events that occurred  that day . I miss the chai which my mom makes , and i am damn sure nobody can beat that taste .FYI i rarely drink chai over here .And i miss pissing of my brother and wrestling with him on the bed😀 .

5. TV : Watchin tv with some homemade namkeen and some random juice , just switchin channels . Ah.. tv’s here suck !!

6.Neighbours : I miss some *intresting* neighbours😉 … enough said let ur imaginations go wild😛 .

7. Gali-Cricket: The most famous form of the gentlemen’s game , with a rubber ball and some funny rules which makes the game even more intresting .

Song of the day:- Man in the box by Alice in the chains

PS1: next post is definetly on sutta ..

PS2: Midsems over yipeee

PS3: OBH .. I am coming

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PS5:Some info abt the first lady of internet

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Aap Ka Kasoor …

Yup its your kasoor .. if u have watched Aap ka suroor .Well i downloaded this movie just because i wanted to watch that motwani gal , but Himesh’s presence in the movie refrained me from watchin the movie . But on the cursed day , i finally watched it .. the whole NBH was cursed that day , wireless refused to work and all jobless souls were tryin to do BC in rooms . Geeks were horrified and they had to find refugee in labs .And of all things i could do i watched this movie .So i thought of writing a small review .

First of all u kindaa get bored with Himesh , coz he has this “I am the one who has all the problems in the world” look throughout the movie . In scenes and song sequences where he should be happy that he has got motwani he keeps the same damn look .Check out “Tera mera Milna” video for more details . Secondly , you cant bear him hugging Motwani . Thirdly , you cant bear his voice . FYI Himesh spills out some beans , he explains why he wears this sad look and why he doesnt smile … must watch for all autowallahs . The action sequences suck , in one of the scenes 3 autos appear from nowhere and get on the german police car and then rescue HR . And in one scene he finds dhun when the villian presses the password to a locker , and then uses the same dhun in the later part of the movie to open the locker …seriously what was the writer thinking .It was rumored that the movies budget was somewhere arnd 50+ crores but i failed to find anything cool worth 50 crores . And the lamest scene was the last scene where the villian tells Himesh that he is the killer in front of a big crowd and then gets shocked when himesh tells him that he has recorded it in a tape .In one so-called comedy scene ..Himesh makes fun of his nasal singing . Ah !! forgot abt motwani gal completely , she didnt have a big role .Her job was to love himesh and do some senti scenes with him . I would give a epsilon out of 5 rating … guess the movie deserves negative rating . Serious advice dont watch this movie , even if u want to waste time .

Well i have some words for himesh .. dude i want my 2 hrs back !!!!

Song of the day : Ek din Aaye Ga by JAL .

Pic of the day :-

Check out if you are a bloggin addict .

PS: No CN class tommorow Yipee!!!

PS2: My friend got suspended for 6 months for beating a MP’s son .

PS3: Slept for just 2 hrs yesterday .. time to sleep

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