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Ferrari rules!!!!

The pictures say it all !!!!







PS: Ferrari rules !!!

PS2: Nice try Hamilton

PS3: Great year for tifosi’s😉

PS4: Gotta sleep feeling exhausted😦

PS5: bye

It feels good to be blue again …

I am not mocking India’s performance today , nor do i want that surf-type Pepsi Blue to be back in market ….

The reason i am feelin good is because i have shed my green color and have this brand new blue color , go over here and here  to understand to this :D  ….. long way to go but a small victory cheers you up on the way . Guess my next endeavor would be to become yellow , so yellow here i come .

PS: 7 more to go😀

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Murphy Laws

I think everybody knows about murphy’s laws … if you dont follow this link .

Here are some of my murphy’s laws , which i discovered when i was working on my honours Project:-

1) The technology which you need to learn for your project has the most confusing documentation , the least no. of functionalities which you will be needing , the smallest mailing list and has the least  tutorials on the internet .

2) No LUG mailing list in the whole-wide universe has any idea about the funny compilation errors which you are getting while installing the software .

3) The dependencies for your technology are so many that even “yum” gives up .

4) The most productive time starts just 4 hrs before meeting your professor😀 .

5) There is no such thing as project completion , its just a plain old myth started by some mongolians in the sahara desert .😛

Thats it guys …. add some of your very own as a comment😀

Song of the day : Yngwie Malmsteen – Black Star

PS: My daily dose is still on the run😀

PS1: This is post number 92 .

PS2: 8 more to go yippeee .. lets see if i can write daily