Swollen Toe :(

Grrr …. Am totally mad at my toe :( . I hate it , it  got swollen after i kicked pagare on his leg and his leg bone hurt me :( .

My toe has always hindered in the path between me and my interests . When i used to play football ( thats like ages ago ) , i used to get hurt so many times but i used to rub it off :D .Believe me , i was badly hurt most of the times and once i broke my nail :D . But then in 11th standard i accidently kicked a large stone and it really hurt me :( .And from then on , even a small blow to my right leg makes me incapable to walk .That really cost me hard as i stopped playing football :(.

I love dancing , and i have danced arnd 4-5 times on stage before coming over here , and when i was practicing for freshers i slipped from some stairs and hurt my right leg again :( . I wasnt able to practice that day :( . And i was a part of one solo dance ( ek pal ka jeena song:P ) , one group dance (nach baliye song ) and the ramayan play ( remember Draupadi ??? ) . I was feeling really bad that day because i wasnt able to practice .Though in the end my house (VAYU ) performed well and we were second :D .Then again i did a Aari aari number on sports day and the same thing on felicity.But during practicing my legs were paining like hell :( . Thats why i have stopped dancing :( .

Now today i wanted to design the template for technical events for felicity and goddammit my toe got hurt again :( . And condition of WLAN is so bad , that i need to refresh google search page for 3-4 times for getting my search query :(.I hate my toe it has been curbing all my interests

PS: Slept in lab yesterday , and got up with a bent neck :D
PS2: Played NFS mostwanted multiplayer and i kicked ass !!!
PS3: How about a NFS tourney ? I am no good at CS :D .
PS4: Gully Crickey is awesome . Played it after about 4 years :D .
PS5: Putting up 70’s Show on 15.47 enjoi guys :D
PS6: 70’s Show rocks
PS7: Cali-fornication sucks :P
PS8: Bbye guys

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11 responses to “Swollen Toe :(

  1. how exactly do u end up fallin down stairs and kicking large stones?? :P

  2. nice template …. except the green flashy banner …!!

    n 70’s shows rock too .. like Mind ur language… pity thr are very few episodes .. :D

  3. whats the state of sponsorships?

  4. @Rama : :P ( watelse we always do that rite :P )

    @Anks : Correct abt the template

    @IV : U make them an offer they can’t refuse, wat say ?

    @Maruti : nothing …. tata

  5. @Obelix, Well we’ve just started. Get us an opening into Microsoft, will you?
    @Maruti, You suck!

  6. abhijeet pagare

    The play was Mahabharata jerk…….and you should not have hit me….now bear the consequences…. :P

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  8. @pagare thanx for the correction

    @karan u suck too !!

    @rama :D

    @pati :((

    @obelix: as karan :D

  9. Draupadi in Ramayan.. We can count on you to do such things… :)
    Agree with ppl above on the template thing..
    N what happened to your song of the day?? U used to write abt it… :P

  10. you aint got anything yet?

  11. I remember the Draupadi act pretty well.You were the show stealer dude :P .70s show is such an awesome sitcom.I guess all the X-files fans will be looking forward to Californication.Keep blogging.

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