Microsoft has come up with a new command prompt interface , Powershell to give developers and h0x3rs some hope in windows for automating day to day work . This was created by “Microsoft’s Linux Group” .. yeah such a group exists .. google it:) .

The language is not as powerful as bash but hey something is better than nothing .. The biggest catch … u can use both “/” and “\” for changing directories … it used to be a pain in the a** for Linux users like me to use “\” after a using Linux for the whole day .

Looking at the examples given at the microsoft’s website i think this will replace my basic “cmd” …

Read this book its funny :- Unix-Haters Hand Book or from a local ftp ( for IIIT’ians)

Ps: This news is one year old😛

Ps2: I am not a *nix-Hater .. but on the  other hand an ardent *nix-Worshipper😀

PS3: I am not a Windows-hater either .. i am just a Use-Windows-Only-For-Games kind of guy:)

PS4: I bet the best comment will be from general Bordeaux but he isnt here …😦

PS5: tata ciao !! Au revoir !!

5 responses to “PowerShell

  1. Microsoft does not have a “Linux” group. They do have a “SFU-Services For Unix” group, though. And believe me, you wouldn’t want to use Windows PowerShell. It sucks some major arse!

    bash is brilliant and the DOS prompt is for wimps!

  2. @Cipher … Powershell is better than DOS prompt😀
    by the way u are wrong “Microsoft’s Linux and Open Source Software technology group” exists .. check this link

  3. The reason I say powershell sucks is because I was a part of the dev team:) The task force seems more like a crisis-management group rather than a tech team.

  4. Cipher,
    sale dal-badlu:)

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