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The worst way to get caught !!

This happend quite recently to some guy ..lets name him mr.X . So mr.X has a strange habit of keeping the current song he is listenin on realplayer as his Gtalk status message using some XYZ plugin .

He is lost in his thoughts and then suddenly frustaapa strikes and he starts checking his “hi” folders for “you-know-what” . And finally mr.X commits the dumbest mistake of his life … he plays it in realplayer .. leaving his status for the whole world to guess what he is upto😛 .

PS1: Day before Yesterday was a freebie day got loads of goodies:)

Steve vai – The Guitar GOD

I thank adi for introducing me to Steve vai , that was a couple of months back . I used to listen to the “Love of god” , and it became one of my fav Guitar solo’s. Recently i have been listenin to lots of Steve Vai on Youtube ( Streamin is realtime @ office )  and I am totally HOOKED. This guy is a genius with the guitar . In one of interviews he said “I don’t know how to play a piano , but if someone is playin one i know exactly what keys he is playin to do so” . Leaving guitar he is also a great composer .

Listed below are my fav songs and their youtube links :-

1.Love of God ( An orgasm for the ears )

The amazing fact about this is that he composed this song when he was on a 10-day Spiritual fast.

2.Bad Horsie ( He turns his guitar into a horse totally divine )

You can actually hear his horse/guitar neigh :P  .

3.Lotus Feet ( Another masterpiece )

Leaving this I also liked “Eruption” By Van Halen .

PS1: IPL match on Sunday was boring ..i nearly slept.

PS2: Cheerleaders were way way way interesting than the IPL match .

PS3: Mumbai Indian’s Cheerleaders suck ! They have got some men as Cheerleader .

My first Comic

I am not gonna start a comic series or something .. i just found a online website which allows me create a comic online . So gave it a try …

Caution : Its very lame😀 Click on it to see the whole comic:)

PS: This might be the last one

PS1: Slashdot rox!!

Foosed Up

Foosball is totally addictive , have been playin it for 3 weeks . The first match i played was total shit , lost 10-1 against somani . Then after some games i striked back winning 10-3 , 10-6 etc against somani .Ah great so what ! why post this ???

Recently 2 interns joined the Google hyd campus , one is from NIT Warangal and the other one from IIT-Mumbai . And this addictive game got them addicted too . That lead to the formation of the IIIT and non-IIIT foosball teams. IIIT team being me and Somani . Since we were 2 weeks more experinced than them we beat them easily as far i remember the scores were like 10-3 10-4😀 . Recently they are doing lots of homework and gave us a good shock by nearly winning a game , but hey dont worry we are still unbeatable .And today somani defeated them 2 on 1 by 10-6 , he he .

Our alumni over here are also great in foosball , the greats like manikandan and Akshay Singh are truly a class apart when it comes to foosball . Akshay has a record of being unbeatable against us ( i.e me and somani ) 2 on 1 .

Cheers to all Foosballers😉 and we will keep the IIIT flag flyin high in all foosball fields in my stay @ google:).

Finally a pic before signing off :-

Song of the day:- G-unit is a great band . All songs from G-unit:) try it if u like rap