Monthly Archives: October 2008

WordPress bug

Thanks to a crappy blog , Deepti  and Me found a bug in wordpress:) .  Its a security flaw in moderated blogs . If there is a blog where comments are moderated, and if you post a comment using some Name ‘x’ , email ‘y’ and website address ‘z’ . Then it will show the comment as “awaiting moderation”. This happens even if d same user revisits the post again. But if another person uses the same x,y,z to post a comment he can see all the comments posted by the first person.  We found this blog, when Deepti commented from a lab system and saw all her moderated comments😀 . More info here :-

PS: Went to serengeti yest, didnt pay a single buck😀

PS1: Went to Sultan of Samarkand’s treat today

PS2: WordPress is supporting polls here is my first one :- 

Google Translator FAIL !

I was going thru some blog written in chinese, and wanted to translate it back to english.  And i noticed somethin unusual .

The original blog was :-

When i translated it to english i got this :-

As you can see the google translator fails when there is a code tag and its mouse hover code gets displayed😛 . Thats what i call a FAIL

PS:  I got lots of replies (ROFLs/GGs/OMGs/WTFs/Holy Fcuks ) for my latest mail inn life mailing list. Thanks for the support guys😛

PS1: The author of  ‘girlsatiiit’ blog is removing my comments.  In this post,  i called her irresponsible because that post was showing up in google , and i also told her to password protect all posts and make the blog unsearchable by search engines . But she just password protected one of them and deleted my comment.And  She didnt delete the comment posted by some impostor , he posted the “Penis envy” wiki link, i think all she wants to show is she >> (boys.begin(), boys.end() )😛

PS2: Tweet Deck is freaking awesome:)

PS3: Tata ciao

EDIT : Looks like they ( i.e authors of girlsatiiit)  have restored my comments😛