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My Googling Stats

Inspired by Gopal .. I wanted to my stats too .  Here are my googling stats :-


Click on the pic for a better image. To see your stats go to :- and click “trends” .

I tag the following people :-

1. Himank

2. Bordeaux

3. Bitgeek

4. Zenwalker

5. Moony

6. Neuron

Song of the day:- “Messages” by Velvet Revolver

PS: Changed the vaastu of my room

PS1: Cleaned my room after a semester😛

PS2: KFC ROX ! Going to KFC tonite😀

PS3: Bought a GnR Tshirt😀

My Interview Experiences and Some Tips

Writing a post after 2 and a half months. This ain’t my first try for writing a post after my last post… i used to write smthing and scrap it😛. Basically it was because of the following reasons :-

  1. Twitter ( Mini-Blogging) Rox.
  2. Playfish Facebook apps Rock.
  3. No good idea to blog on.

So i was thinking i would write some tips for interview as I have some good experience ( 7 interviews ( 6 successful ) ) with Google and Yahoo! ( + I have looked at others experiences too😀 ).

Company-specific questions/ What do they expect from you :-   When I was preparing for interviews, I wanted to know what kind of questions does Google/Yahoo/M$  usually ask. I used to bug/mail my seniors with similar queries. According to what I saw this year, there are no company specific questions. In most of the jobs offered they expect you to write code for some XYZ application which requires some basic knowledge of ABC field.  Keeping this in mind :-

  • They want you to have excellent coding/algo/DS skills !
  • They want you to be creative and sharp ( puzzles/IQ stuff )
  • Some companies who are specialized in ABC field, would expect you to have some good knowledge/experience in that field. This is not true in case of  companies like Yahoo,Google,M$ etc.
  • They want to know whether you actually did the half a dozen projects listed in your resume. So you should be very clear about what you had done in those projects.
  • You know what to do in HR rounds right ?? Most of the top companies don’t stress on HR rounds. You really don’t need to study for HR rounds.  You just need to be yourself ( or rather a hardworking ideal guy😛 )

GPA :- Is it good to keep a GPA above 7 or 8 ?  Well higher is always better, but above 8 is great for top companies, above 7 is okay if you have an impressive profile or an internship in a good Company/Univ.  All I want to say is that GPA at max will help you to get shortlisted for interviews, but after that you are on your own. I have seen some students rejected just because of their low GPAs . There are some companies which have extreme liking for  GPA, but they are quite few of them.

Internship :- Internship does help, the better the company the better it is for you. Most importantly, internships are doors to getting a Pre-Placement offers. PPO’s are awesome as you don’t need to write written exams or compete with 10-15 shortlisted students.

Resume :- You should create an awesome resume.  Highlighting all your technical achievements and projects. Make sure you put some extra-curricular stuff too, so that company thinks that you are a human and not a g33k g0d😀 .  Make sure you have looked at lots of resumes before making your own one.

Luck :- Luck does play a role and sometimes a major one.  It might be a bad day for the interviewer and he/she just wants to screw any one he/she is interviewing.  The guy interviewing might have done an internship in the same company as you, or probably have similar interests as you.  I have seen a lots of good and deserving students not making it to the final/first round just because it just wasn’t their day. Do your best as you cant change the luck and leave the rest to God.

There are some more too, but prolly I should keep it for the next post as this post is already lengthy😀.

PS:  Velvet revolver rox !!

PS1:  Got placed in Yahoo! Bangalore ( Bengaluru here I come !!! )

PS2:  Finally I will be moving out of Hyderabad.

PS3:  ICVGIP 08 was pure awesomeness !!!

PS4:  Four months left, is it the right time to become senti ??

PS5: Prolly post felicity will be a right time😀

PS6: Did I tell you that I have become the Graphics TA this sem😛

PS7: I am the Graphics Dawg !

PS8: Trick Trick and Eminem’s single  “Welcome to Detriot” is awesome

PS9:  Adios till the next one !