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Geek v/s Not-Geek #3 Locked in a room

What if you are stuck in a room without internet or mobile access .


Geek v/s Not-Geek #2: Vday prep


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Geek v/s Not-Geek #1


I think I would shift from stick figures to some characters pretty soon !



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F’ed up !

I wanted to write some posts on some of the events which occurred in my stay at IIIT-H:) . I didnot want this post to be the starting one,  but I think this would be the right time I pen it down.

From my first semester,  I had this feeling that there will be a course in every semester which I will find very difficult to even Pass.

In my first semester, it was Physics. I remember scoring 6 out of 140 in my second midsem. My endsem didnot go well too. During december holidays, Maroo joked that I would surely get an ‘F’.  I was out of my mind, and I literally cried for not working hard on a course even after getting very low marks in midsems.  And there was a rumour that it would be very difficult to get a good placement if you had an ‘F’ in any of your courses.  In the end,  thanks to relative grading I got a C- in the course :) .

In my second semster, Electronic circuits was the one. It was really difficult to concentrate in the classes, thanks to lots of nite-outs doing linux stuff.  I screwed my first midsem and my second midsem, even though I did prepare for second mid😛 . Anyways, We had a Lab Exam, where we were expected to make some circuit . My group partners were Narang and Azeem. I thought Narang being an ECE guy, would handle everything. But though he tried his best, he was not able to make the circuit work. And during the Viva, Jayanti Ma’am asked me to draw a feedback circuit ( I forgot the details😛 ) . I was so terrified and i drew the wrong one.  She just had one comment to make ” I am giving you all 0 in your lab exam. You all should repeat the course”. I was seriously terrified of repeating EC again.  During my endsems,  I prepared well for EC. And the endsem went okayish. I thought I would pass with a C- or a D easily.  To my shock, I got an F in the course. I was seriously depressed. I tried talking to some of my friends, most of them were at home. Everyone suggested me to go to Ma’am and ask for a passing grade. I was so nervous, that It was difficult for me to even go near her Office.  After 3-4 days, I talked to Chand seeking his advice.  He asked me my GPA leaving EC course. So I logged in to ISAS, and was calculating my GPA. And to my suprise,  I saw a ‘D’ instead of an ‘F’. I was so overjoyed, I was running in the empty cellar and shouting ” Hurray! Mujhe Dikka Mil Gaya” ( Hurray I got a D ).

That was the closest I could get of getting ‘F’ ed. Seriously man those 4-5 days were hell. I promised myself to be a accha-baccha from that sem.

Coming to grades, I had a record of getting every grade from A to D after my 3rd semester😀.

Though, my philosophy of a very tough course every semster stayed till the end :-

3rd semster :- Signals & Systems ( ECE Bhaaya ) ( Grade :- C  )

4th semester :-  None ( I thought this tough thing has gone away😛 )

5th semester :- Principles of Programming Languages ( I somehow managed to get a B😛 )

6th semester :- Globalization and Social Development ( Very less prep + Lengthy papers  got a B- :D  )

7th semster :- Thank fully none

8th semster :- Every freaking course looks tough to pass😛

Song of the day :- What d fk by Trick Trick