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Mischief is my middle name

Time : during my first sem ( July 2005 )

Location : Workspace above the Library

I had the corner-most PC in the workspace.  You can ask anyone in my batch, they would agree that it was in the perfect location in the whole  workspace😀 . That is because the only two people who can see what you are working (read wasting time )  on are the two people behind you. And some times you get lucky and even those two people aren’t sitting in that place, leaving you and your devlish mind to do anything you want😛 . I was the first one to install mplayer on my FC2 ( yeah, I know ! ) in UG1 without any help from seniors , I was second-third one to get Valknut ( DC++ client for Linux ) installed on my system.

Well basically I was the first person in the lab to have DC++ and mplayer working  + the best place to have your PC ! . And the first video which I downloaded was you-know-what😛.  And slowly, the news spread to the whole batch . And at any time of the day you can see 7-8 people flocking around my PC to get a glimpse of the awesomeness of you-know-what. It was really a difficult time for me, I would be working on something and  ppl would come and ask me for one more round of awesomeness.  It was difficult for me to turn down those unlucky souls😀 . And thus the batch named me the “P comm” ( the abbr. is obvious😐 ) .

One fine night, some of my friends asked me for you-know-what and we immediately left for workspace after having our dinner.  But, one girl from my batch was sitting on the system opposite to mine😦 .  My friends said “Abe maruti yaar kuch kar “. That was enough to trigger to what happend next. I logged into the system as guest and shutdown the system. She started looking here and there to find out who did it, but I was sitting on the other side of the workspace. She then manually booted it again and started working.  I rebooted her system again and again. But evertime she would reboot it and start working.   Then I remembered that I had helped Manish ( Arora ) in installing some rpm and I knew his root password😛 . I logged into his system. Wrote “reboot” on the last line of bashrc and thats it !

Her system would immediately reboot whenever she tried to login. She got irritated and left😛 , and we had one more round of awesomness😛 !

PS: I don’t remember how I fixed the problem😛

PS1: Hats off to Manish Arora for not turning back the whole year😛

PS2: Nostalgic man, seriously !

Top Playlist

I thank Karan for taggin me, it has been a while since I wrote a post. I dont use the wimp ( WMP or Windows Media Player ) or any other library based music player. I usually select songs and put them in Mplayer Playlist. Here are the top songs which I have been listenin to lately :-

1. Crack a Bottle – Eminem
2. Still D.R.E – Dr. Dre (Feat Snoop Dogg )
3. Area Codes – Ludacris and Nate Dogg
4. I wanna Love you – Akon (Feat Snoop Dogg )
5. 99 Problems – Jay Z
6. Pop That Pussy – 2 Live Crew
7. Since they wanna Know – Obie Trice
8. Here comes the boom – Nelly
9. The way i are-Timbaland(feat keri hilson and d.o.e.)
10. How we do – Game

As you can make out I am listening to rap nowadays. I am eagerly waiting for Eminem’s next album Relapse, which is set for release on May 19, while the first official single and it’s music video are set for release on April 7.


Geek v/s Not-Geek #4 Your Perfect Partner

The basic  thing you look for in  your perfect Partner  :-


PS: Added a new category for these comics ! “geek vs not-geek”