Monthly Archives: August 2009


It has been about 2 and half months in bangalore/corp. life. Life has seriously changed a lot.

  • From waking up at any freaking time to waking up at 7:00 am, thanks to the uber-awesome banagalore traffic.
  • From continuously refreshing Google reader/the superficial/etc. to not even finding time to checking to check students mail weekly
  • From eating dinner with a group of 6-8 to waiting for your roomate to give you company.
  • From lazing around on sundays/saturdays to exploring new places in bangalore
  • From drinking in a blue moon light to drinking every weekend
  • From ranting about girls in IIIT to worshiping brigade road and forum

The worst thing now is that I have lost touch with most of  the people I used to meet daily. I am back to square one, finding good friends is a tough task. Best friends are far away in hyderabad, and I miss them whenever I am alone ( coming back from office in cab or going to office in cab).  I want to start blogging again, probably get back to hacking things around ( given that I work on 3 different OSes daily ).

Work is great,  people are brilliant, but still work is work and office is an office.Will write a post on my experiences with bangalore very soon.

PS:  I started the post with lot of enthu, didnt finish it well😦

PS2: Relationships dont disappear they leave behind a mark.

PS3: Have promised myself that I will eat a whole grilled chicken on tuesday

PS4: End of the month next monday. Will get  $$$.

PS5: Will be buying a Fazer or an Apache ( depends on the budget )