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Ultimate Gym/Workout Collection 2009

I listen to all type of music, rock/ rap / pop / indie / etc. etc. But when it comes to shaking a leg or working out, pop songs are the shit !

So my flat-mate, who is known for his eating abilities is thinking of losing some weight and asked me to make a playlist for him. And it turns out that he likes pop too. So I made up a list of 2009 songs which I liked the most and are suitable for working out. The list goes :-

  • Just Dance – Lady Gaga
  • Obsessed – Mariah Carey
  • Sweet Dreams – Beyonce
  • Fire burning – Sean Kingston
  • Right round – Flo Rida
  • Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z
  • Beautiful – Akon
  • So What – Pink
  • I gotta feeling – The Black eyed Peas
  • Hotel Room service – PitBull
  • Right now – Akon
  • Boom Boom pow – The black eyed peas
  • I know you want me – PitBull
  • 3 – Britney spears
  • Poker face – Lady Gaga
  • Down – Jay Sean
  • Sexy chick – david guetta

I am looking for more songs to make this list the Ultimate Gym/Workout collection of 2009😉 Suggestions in comments please.

2009 – The turning point of my life

7 months in corp life, and life has taken a 180 degree turn. 2009 must be the most happening year of my life.  Leaving my second home, leaving all my friends behind in hyderabad and coming to bangalore was the most difficult decision I must have taken. Back then, my plan was clear 2-3 years in the company and woooshing away for MS/PHD. I wanted to get back to improving my coding skills by doing topcoder/spoj and other websites. And wanted to stay away from relationships for a while. Basically, become a uber g33k ( i.e more than I was back then😛 ).

Plan was nice and implementable, and for one month I might have followed it too. But things started to change, the first major change was finding a good friend in my room-mate Shyam and getting introduced to his huge social circle in Bangalore. The second major change was getting a Bike, and zooming around in the city during the night. The time spent online started decreasing drastically to the point that now I am mostly online only in the office even though I have internet at home.

2009 has been an year of change for me.I became socially more confident, I was no longer the shy geek. From sitting around in IRC rooms to pubbing/disc’ing every weekend. From watching the download bar to watching the speed bar on my bike. From planning of going to an MS to liking the whole software engineering process. From thinking of staying away from relationship to having 2 flings. From staying in hyd fro 19 years to covering lots of parts of Tamilnadu,Kerala,Karnataka in trips.

2009 was a roller coaster ride for me.  But along with the ups there were lots of downs too, but I guess you can’t be perfect😉.
Now when I look back at some of my friends in hyderabad and  look at myself, I guess I took the right decision.

PS: please note its “some” of my friends and not “all”

PS1: And I know 2010 would be awesomer
PS2: I am not leaving ( or planning to ) Bangalore atleast for 5 years.
PS3: Old is definitely Gold, But New is Platinum😛
PS4: Once a g33k, always a g33k