My blog is averaging 40-45 hits per day. I remember the days, when I was among top growing tech blogs in wordpress also the day I got 1.5k visits in a day.

These days I get into this  loop:-  “Get an Idea to blog” -> “Write some crap” -> “Think it is better to post as a FB/twitter status” -> back to square one

So, I guess I have to give up on my blog. Though I want to write a lot on YUI, Liverpool, and other stuff in general. I am not finding time to do that, also Blog as a medium has started to suck. No offense, fellow bloggers:)


3 responses to “Death

  1. a blogger should write for himself than for others … for anything else I would say congrats :p good for you

  2. micro-blogging sites have sucked the crux out of blogs man!

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