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Tips for writing Resumes

After we released on December 15th . We have been actively looking for smart people to join iStream. I have been looking through a lot of resumes and have seen both the extremes. Our linkedIn advertisement was clicked by more than 500 people. And to shortlist them just based on their resumes was a painful task.  The quality of the resume writing didnt help in easing the pain.  So here are some of the points which would make your resume more attractive :-

  • Keep it short :- Ideally I would expect the resume to have max of 2 pages.  Write precise points, just one liners on your projects and your previous work experience. If you want to write essays then I have only one thing to say :-

  • Skill set :- Please write your strong skills first or indicate under a bracket your skill level in that skill. Also don’t  lie about your skill set. This is what we use for filtering, if we need Java guys, we want guys who know Java and not someone saw solved a bug in his roomates java project while he was furiously masturbating.  I have seen lot of people write JavaScript in their skillset and when I ask them to write a basic alert hello world program they are like :-

  • Style of the document :- I prefer text version of the document with no styling. But since people want to highlight their achievements etc. I would suggest to use to a very basic template and no CAPS, no 48 point text. Please keep it decent, I am not expecting a latex generated pdf:)
  • Important things first :-  Objective, Education, Experience and skill set should be the first four. This is what we look for while scanning your resumes.

I thought all these so called tips were common sense. But apparently not,  I have seen only few ( <30 ) resumes abiding all the above four points.

PS: We are hiring mail to maruti [at] with your resume.