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The Aftermath

So after that awesome night-out @CVIT-3 ( refer to my previous post ) , i headed for home and slept till 10 pm .. lol ..this didnt happen … lemme tell you wat all happend during the nite-out ..

Firstly we ( i.e me and Sashidhar ) were trying all the best games of 2007 and  were also getting hungry😦 . So we made up a plan to eat hot-Idili’s at the local indranagar bandi @ 6:30 .

While we were installing Crysis , we got a crazy idea of testing the power of the system . And tried playing two heavy games concurrently😛 . And you know what everything went on well until …. We saw the BSOD … ( Blue screen of Death ). We were both happy and frightened at the same time … Happy coz we had never seen BSOD on Vista !! … Sashi told me to shut down the system and let it cool down for 2-3 minutes . We did that and rebooted , and thank god everything was back to normal ..😀 . Then we didn’t try anything stupid and kept playing till 6:00am , we were totally drained and our hands were in no position to type or for that matter click any input device . We went back to Ug3 lab and tried watchin some movie ..

At 6:20 , ajay dropped us at indranagar on his bike running ( read “Flying” ) @ 100 kmph. Those idili’s were awesome i ate 2 plates and a plate of puri:) . We got a lift back to coll . Then we tried watchin “RAW 15th annivesary” on my lab system . I slept in between and got up at 8am.

I came back to my room , and while i was packing things i slept😦 .Ajay had to wake me up at 10😛 . Then i headed home with Deepti .

Mom needed some help , so had to drive 50 kms , and during the end of the ride i was literally sleeping on the scooter ( its a bajaj chetak .. yeah yeah uncle stuff😛 ) .

And after that i slept like a dog till 7 pm😀 .

Song of the day:-Still D.R.E. By Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg .. awesome song

PS: Done with Honours-proj 1😀

PS2: Back to boring life😦

PS3: Going to play CS in lab today:)

PS4: Gotta take a bite .. bbye

PS5: You still here ? Get a life dude !! 😀


I am a free bird !!! Yo-hooo …. !!! And what better way to celebrate it other than a night-out @ CVIT-LAB 3. This Lab is awesome .. you must have heard about it from skp , shiben and all other CVITians … lemme boast a lil bit more about CVIT:) . To start off we have 4 huge monitors and one humungous HD – TV ( 42″ ) . And talking about hardware we have the best computing systems in CVIT . I worked on my honours-1 project on Camarack , this baby is has the following config :-

Processor: Conroe E6400 Intel Core Duo, 2.13 Ghz

Memory: 2GB DDR

Motherboard: Asus P5LD2-VM SE

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX

Disk Space: 320GB Sata

Chipset: NFORCE 4 Ultra (Sound and ethernet)

Isnt that enuf ???

Now i am playin games on MegaTron ( another system ) … this baby has a foduu gfx card … it has a NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 !! .It has a vista rating of a whooping 5.5 !!

Hey gotta go !! Gotta play NFS Pro-street , Halo 2 , Guitar Hero , crysis and lots more .. bbye

PS: CVIT Rox!!!!

PS2:For more info on cards refer shiben’s gamespo blog

PS3: Thanks a lot Shiben !!! You rock !