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Ferrari rules!!!!

The pictures say it all !!!!







PS: Ferrari rules !!!

PS2: Nice try Hamilton

PS3: Great year for tifosi’s😉

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Sweet Child O’ Mine was a Joke !!!!!!

Here is wat the gunners had to say about the song …

Sweet Child O’ Mine

sweet child o mine
“That’s a true story about my girlfriend at
this time. /../ I had written this poem, reached a dead end with it and
put it on the shelf. Then Slash and Izzy got working together
on songs and I came in, Izzy hit a rhythm, and all of a sudden
this poem popped in my head. It just all came together. A lot of rock bands are too fucking
wimpy to have any sentiment or any emotion in any of their stuff
unless they’re in pain. It’s the first positive love song I’ve
ever written, but I never had anyone to write anything about before, I guess.”


[An Interview With The Gunners, Hit Parader – March 1988]


“If you listen to “Sweet Child of Mine,” the tempo on the very
beginning is different from when the drums come in, which is a little
faster. I had to play the beginning 50 times to
get it right with the drums.”

[In The Classic Way, Guitar – Sep, 1988]


“”Sweet Child O’ Mine” was a joke. It was a fluke. I was sitting around
making funny faces and acting like an idiot and played that riff. Izzy
started playing the chords that I was playing, strumming them, and all
of a sudden Axl really liked it. I hated that song because it was so
stupid at first. I hated the guitar part. Now I really like it because
I’ve gotten it to the point where it sounds really good when I play it
live, and I’m so used to the song so I like it a lot more. But it
definitely wasn’t something I hummed out in my head. It was more like
me fucking around with the guitar. “

[Stix (1992) Slash – Guitar From The Gut, Guitar For The Practicing Musician – Nov 1992]

“The band was signed already, and the rest of the band had moved on to
greener pastures, living with some girls or something. But where Izzy
and I lived, we had no electricity and no hot water. It was a house
some manager – with whom we had no intentions of working with – rented
us, which we destroyed completely. And on an evening everybody happened
to be there, I was sitting in front of the broken down fireplace going
[sings opening bars]. It was literally a joke! The next thing you know,
Izzy started playing the basic chords, Axl got inspired and started

[Turner (2001) 10 Rockin’ Riffs From Appetite, Lies, Use Your Illusion I-II, Guitar One – June 2001]


“It was probably the hardest song for me
and Steve to record, just because you have to keep a steadiness
and also keep the emotion in it. /../ The thing about ‘Sweet Child,’ it was written in five
minutes. It was one of those songs, only three chords. You know
that guitar lick Slash does at the beginning? It was kinda lika
a joke because we thought, ‘What is this song? It’s gonna be nothin’,
it’ll be filler on the record.’ And except that vocal-wise, it’s
very sweet and sincere, Slash was fuckin’ around when he first
wrote that lick.”

[An Interview With The Gunners,
Hit Parader – March 1988]

Song Of the day :- “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns and Roses wasnt that obvious ??😀

PS:Nice posts by Karan on Felicity 07 check them out here and here .

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A tifosi’s tribute to his God

Did you watch the last GP of the season ?? I mean the Brazillian GP.If not, you have missed some great racing action and you have every right to smash your head on the wall😉 .This was the last GP of my racing God Micheal schumacher and me being a Tifosi ( Ferrari fan ) just couldn’t miss it😀 .Everything was going wrong for schumi , he dint finish in the last GP (the one before Brazilian) and qualified for 10th position for Brazilian GP.The only thing which made me happy from the saturday’s GP was Massa’s Pole position.Me and Karan were eagerly waiting for this race , and were discussing about schumi’s achivements and debating on why alonso must die and let schumi win the championship😀 .After a long chat with karan , I kept on searching for some live f1 reports on the internet.The race started at 10:00 pm IST , was too lazy to go to the tv room so was getting updates from some site.The first lap was hilarious , both the Williams crashed out.And then the worst thing in this world happened ,schumi’s tyres got punctured😦 .But he didnt say die , he took his punctured car into the pits and joined at the tail at 17th position.I was totally dissapointed , but schumi was trying his level best to get back
in the race . He started overtaking the tailenders one by one with ease and secured the 10th Positon .Schumi was driving like hell , he set the fastest lap in the 10th position.Me and Karan were chatting on yahoo and were celebrating as schumi was climbing up his positon .After some while , he took the last pit stop of his career .The way he overtook over Kimi , Barrichelo and Fisichella and secured 4th position was awesome .He finished 4th😦 . I just wished either of Alonso or button would crash out .It was one of the best races of schumi’s career .He showed his greatness by setting the fastest lap three times and also by securing 4th after recovering from the tire puncture.I just wished he could be in the podium in his last race.He recived an achivement award for his contribution to the sport , it was handed over by the legendary footballer Pele.He’s one of the greats in Formula one history.He’s definetly right there with Ayrton Senna , Jim Clark , Jackie Stewart and Juan Fangio.Here are some stats about schumacher which i would like to share :-


1. Seven Titles :- It’s the most by any driver in F1 history .Second being Fangio with 5

2. 91 victories :- The best ,second best being Alian Prost at 51

3. 68 poll positions :- Most by any driver , second being Senna with 65

4. 250 Races :- Second to Ricardo’s 256 . he could have equalled it , but he had crashed in 1999 and fractured a leg .Which made him to loose 6 races.

5. 76 Fastest laps :- Most by any driver , second being Alian Prost at 41.

72 wins with Ferrari ( the most with any team ) and 19 with Benetton .He is the world’s first billionaire athlete a with an annual salary reported to be around $80 million . In 1996, Ferrari was considered largely inferior, both technologically and statistically.Ferrari had not won a single drivers championship since 1979, and were racing with a car that was called “a truck”, “a pig”, and “an accident waiting to happen” by contemporary Ferrari drivers. Even the poor performance of the Ferrari pit crews were considered the running joke and laughing stock of Formula One.But schumacher turned this once struggling team into the most successful team in Formula One history.
Formula one has declared that he is the greatest driver the sport has ever seen and the most successful Formula One driver in history.
Though he dint win the last race , but he did win everybodys heart .As someone rightly said “Formula 1 without schumi is over” .This post is my only way to pay tribute to a great Sportsman ( and My god ).

PS: Wanted to write about diwali , but dint get time .But had to take out time for schumi😉

PS2: Waiting to get my hands on fedora core 6. The default gnome looks awesome .

PS3: The other table himank was talking about is back😀

PS4: By the way , the karan i was referring to was Maroo😉