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How I ended up at a startup

This post was long due.  Lack of free time kept postponing this post.

I left  Yahoo! on August 19th. Why ? Out of many I think pay, environment and freedom were the major reasons. But the work was great, I loved what I did. I started doing UI development last December out of my own interest. I should thank Ramkumar, my manager at that time to allow me to start doing UI. After 3 big projects in which I was mostly involved in UI. I had gained enough experience to call myself a Intermediate UI developer.

I was approached by two startups ( well more than three, I didnt care about the others). Both these startups wanted to do nearly the same thing, both were funded, both were starting from scratch .   I gave interviews for both.  I could immediately feel the difference between a Google/Yahoo interview and the interviews at these startups. These guys meant business,  they were very specific about your code, about your knowledge in your respective field and your thinking ability. More importantly, whether I would be valuable in whatever they were trying to achieve.

After getting offers from both, I had to decide on one. I decided to join iStream . I thought there was immense potential in Indian Content and was bewildered that no-one was tapping this market already.

At iStream, I was given the responsibility of the whole website UI and was also appointed as an interface to two of our third-party clients.  For me this was huge, I have never done a whole website before leave alone doing it all alone.

When I started work at iStream I realised that I was not only doing UI but helping out in a lot of the other tasks. I was also involved in the design of each and every module of the website. I always wanted to do a lot of Software Design, because I  felt that is the most creative part of Software Development. If your design is perfect, coding is just a manual job !.

Mondays didn’t feel like Mondays anymore, I was excited to reach the target, target to finish the website. Deadlines made us miss weekends, we were working without a break. Working more than 12-14 hours a day. A small team of 7  engineers were at full strength only in October, that made some of us work even more before they joined in. It was a great experience to work with like minded people to achieve a single goal. The best part being everybody was pushing equally hard, be it the freshers or the Co-founders or the team leads. Everyone were giving their best.

The amount of knowledge I have gained in these 3 months must have been more than I did in 2 years at Yahoo! and 4 months at Google combined ! To give an example, I knew only YUI before joining iStream, now I am more familiar with jQuery than YUI.  These 3 months have brought in lot of discipline in my work. I have gained the ability to finish a lot of work in 3-4 concentrated hours.

I was very nervous about the shift I took 3 months back, but in hindsight I think I took the right step. And I encourage others to take it up, especially if you are just starting in the industry.

I would like to end the post with a quote from my President of Engineering “You dont own any module. Your users endup owning you”

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Geek v/s Not-Geek #4 Your Perfect Partner

The basic  thing you look for in  your perfect Partner  :-


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Geek v/s Not-Geek #3 Locked in a room

What if you are stuck in a room without internet or mobile access .


Geek v/s Not-Geek #2: Vday prep


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Geek v/s Not-Geek #1


I think I would shift from stick figures to some characters pretty soon !



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HOWTO: Getting rid of FretHog (Trojan)

@blogroll_readers This is part of my technical diary, you can skip this:) .

This is a very annoying virus, usually spreads on network and thru USB disks. I was attacked 3 days before i noticed it, that was when the “show hidden files/folders” option didn’t work. Here is what you need to get rid of the virus :-

  • Linux OS with NTFS read/write enabled  ( Can be a Live CD/USB too )
  • eTrust EZ Antivirus
  • patience:).

Firstly, install the virus and update it . Then boot into Linux OS. Go to each disk ( C: D: etc ) and delete autorun.inf , autoex.bat , *.cmd  and some exe which has a random name ( randomly generated on each comp ) . Reboot into Safe Mode of Windows, run a scan on the whole HDD and let it delete all the virus file.

Reboot into Windows you are done:).

Things which dont work :-

  1. AVG,Kaspersky donot work .
  2. Rebooting in safe mode without deleting  from linux and running a scan
  3. Deleting manually in the normal windows mode.

There is a better way :- Freaking delete windows from ur HDD:) and install *nix:).

Song of the day :- Rihanna – Dont Stop The Music .


    This is not one of those ” i am bored doing nothin and killin time ” kind of posts . No offense to _shift , poor _shift has totally nothin to do . I would advice him to install stumble upon , that will pakka kill 5-6 hrs daily .
    So comin back to the post , today i saw pudi ( better known as wulfor ) playin football with keen interest leavin lab exactly at 5pm . And this made be remember my school days when i used to play good football . I was the captain for soccer team for 2 tournaments .

    The match i remember the most was between my school Sultan-ul-uloom and Bhartiya vidya bhavan .We were like the underdogs in the tournament facing the previous years runners up😛 . We just wanted to get out with a tie , which meant we didnt allow the front to score a single goal . In the match , my friend Hassan ( a very good striker ) was tryin his best to pass ball around and keeping maximum possession . We were successful in the first half the score was 0-0 .

    In second half , the game turned dirty when the opponents team’s striker kicked hard on Hassan’s right leg , and he was hurt badly and incapable of playing for the game . I was the defender and was tryin my best to kick the ball hard to the other half every time the opponent used to come near me . But the opponent followed some strategy and broke our defense and scored a goal . Last 8 minutes left and we were still being defensive , this was our first match in the tournament and we didnt want to leave with a bad score . Hassan told me that we need to try to get out of this defense mode and do somethin . But our strikers were not capable of the same , but taking the risk i changed the positions and we tried to follow hassan’s strategy . Still 2 minutes to go and we were very close to goal . Raheem our substitute for Hassan tried getting it into the “D” , and their defender was coming close to him and raheem kicked the ball rite in the defenders hand , and we got a penalty w00t.

    Now the question was to who will take the penalty , and i was the captain and the decider  . Hassan told me that it had to be me cause i had a better chance . Raheeem also wanted to do the same , Hassan told me to go for it .And yours truly went for the penalty . I wanted to to the right side and had decided that i wont change my decision , i marched and pretended as if i was gonna hit to the left . But on the last moment i saw the goalie shift right , and then i changed my direction to left . And i freakin missed the goal by an inch , it just touched the pole on the other end😦 .

    But this is not the end , finally they scored a self goal accidentally right after that . And the scores were leveled to 1-1 , everybody forgot my mistake and we had an awesome party after that . The next day , 2-3 girls from my school talked to me and congratulated me for being a nice captain ( which i wasnt😛 ) .The next match was a complete disaster we lost 5-2😛 .

    Whenever i remember my football playin days , i have this feeling that i have transformed into one of the world’s most boring person . I no longer play football , thanks to the injury in one the games & my intermediate education . I was watchin beauty and geek , and i saw how geeks were so infamous among the “beauties” even after a makeover , they were basically very boring . I cannot play a single music instrument , i have stopped playin sports and even dancing , i have geeky/boring/crappy status messages , i keep writin such boring posts . And to top it all , people who matter the most to you start calling you boring , and then u realise that you need to change … but then after 5 minutes of progressive thinking you cool down and watch another season of Beauty and Geek and get back to your boring life .

    Song of the day: “This love” by maroon 5

    PS: Beauty and Geek is freaking awesome

    PS1: Should i wear Formals or Casual on my first day of my Intern ?

    PS2: Please help me with PS1 i am unable to decide😦 .

    PS3: Going shopppin tomm

    PS4: I hope i dont bore my friends durin shopping .

    PS5: Some people actually bought my prev april fool post😛 .