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No topics to write on …. so had to write a ARP😀

Whats in a Name
Ever wondered what would u do if you had the chance to name urself ??? I tried thinking but i didnt find a better name than my name . I dunno why i think my name is so perfect i couldnt have been named somethin better … and i think everyone would have the same feelings with their respective names :) . Ever wondered why u find pleasure in writing ur name at the back of ur note-books during a boring classs ?? Is it the name which gives u the pleasure or is it ur creativity ?? Just think .. keep thinking and i will also think abt it later and write a post on it 😛.


Got the following sms frm my frnd :-

Teacher :- Y r u late ???

Student ( Hydbadi ) : Jab mai ischool ku aane k vaaste ghar se nikla to baigan ki meri merku ek kutta
kaat diya to mai usku teen time phod diya , isiliye late hua

Teacher :- Talk in English

Student : Are .. kya madam … When i coming ischool tab my brinjal ki 1 dog cutting me , den i full phoding dog
3 to maiself come late

eh … was lame rite ??😛 .. well this is an ARP wat more can u expect😛

Latest Crush

My latest crush is Kate winslet:) … saw her pic on my roomies cell … she looks awesome:) … How can anybody forget her acting in Titanic , Finding Neverland and Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind


Mallika Sherwat on Maxim Cover

The Maxim magazine is featuring our very own Mallika Sherwat on its cover …

Is this world heading towards its end ??? Is there a scarcity of hollywood beauties and Models ??? Y did they choose mallika from all the beautiful females in this whole wide world??? Y god Y ???

Here are some links to some of the pics :-

Cover pic , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th and 6th

Thats it guys …

Song Of the Day :- Tumse Kitna by altaf Raja from Company … he he was tryin to be sarcastic thats the worst song i av ever heard ..😛 ..the song is “Youth of Nation” by P.O.D

PS: Long live Halley “the king of all BC bloggers”😛 nobody can beat his latest post .

PS2: Classes suck ..😦

PS3: 14.6 DF looks nice:)

PS4: This is the end

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Can u Believe this !!!

Is she mallika ???


Song of the day : Break stuff by Limp Bizkit ( WARNING : Explicit Lyrics )

PS: Assigments suck😦

PS2: Missed Two-2-Tango😦

PS3: 97k+ visits:)

PS4: This is the end

Latest Crush :D

She is Jackie (Mila kunis) from “That 70’s Show”

Trivia :- She was only 14 when she gave auditions for “That 70’s show” .

Ps: Doing some programmin on spoj nowadays , Link to my profile.

Ps2: Project deadline is approaching😦

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A random post

Just wanted to show my present desktop😉 .Click below for bigger pic




Latest crush ;)

Did u watch “How to loose a guy in 10 days ” .. If not then go get the movie and watch it .Its a Romantic flick and the actress is mind blowin … she is my latest crush😉 here is a small pic :-


I am dying to see the movie “Almost famous” *kate hudson ofcourse😉

PS: I dint get the project i was lookin for , but hey “Jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai ”😉

PS2: Have to design the sports page of IIIT😀

PS3: have to finish the OS assignment .. have just started

PS4: I have drroped the idea of writing a post on my roomate.

PS5 : I am not able to find linux drivers for my WLAN card ( D-link G510 rev C)

Latest Crush

This Post is meant for People in my Batch and my friends ….others plz can leave or ..can look at other posts …

so here is the pic :-


yeah …she is Lindsay Lohan …after watching the movie "Mean Girls" (*ing Lindsay ofcourse :D) .i have watched 2 more Lindsay Lohan Movies .My older crush Alizee has left my mind …ab tho bass Lindsay hi Lindsay LOL ..

PS : Will write about my achivement in next Post keep waiting

A new Category

I had orignally thought that i will also put personal posts in my new blog …but i have jus 1 or 2 personal posts i thought ..why not write about gurlz …and all my latest crushes …so i made my new category "Gurlz" .This is the first post in this category .So why not start with my latest crush ..


her name is Alizee … she is a French singer and a Gr8 dancer . I first saw her in the "La isla Bonita" Vdo ..on my friend

Abhijeet pagare's Laptop.It was Like Love @ first sight . Jus after leaving pagare's room i searched about her on google.

Downloaded all her videos present on out college P2P software DC++.Then tried to download some more videos through

Bittorrent..but our new sysadmins have configured the squid and this stopped downloading thru Bittorrent.😦 .I was

Shocked to know that she was just 21 years old.The second shock which i recived was that she was married . And to

make it even worse she has a baby 😦 .Here is the pic of her husband [Lucky Guy] : –


his name is jermy chatelian .he is also a French singer . I hope he keeps alizee happy all her life .My best wishes for their life .