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Google Translator FAIL !

I was going thru some blog written in chinese, and wanted to translate it back to english.  And i noticed somethin unusual .

The original blog was :-

When i translated it to english i got this :-

As you can see the google translator fails when there is a code tag and its mouse hover code gets displayed😛 . Thats what i call a FAIL

PS:  I got lots of replies (ROFLs/GGs/OMGs/WTFs/Holy Fcuks ) for my latest mail inn life mailing list. Thanks for the support guys😛

PS1: The author of  ‘girlsatiiit’ blog is removing my comments.  In this post,  i called her irresponsible because that post was showing up in google , and i also told her to password protect all posts and make the blog unsearchable by search engines . But she just password protected one of them and deleted my comment.And  She didnt delete the comment posted by some impostor , he posted the “Penis envy” wiki link, i think all she wants to show is she >> (boys.begin(), boys.end() )😛

PS2: Tweet Deck is freaking awesome:)

PS3: Tata ciao

EDIT : Looks like they ( i.e authors of girlsatiiit)  have restored my comments😛

HOWTO: Getting rid of FretHog (Trojan)

@blogroll_readers This is part of my technical diary, you can skip this:) .

This is a very annoying virus, usually spreads on network and thru USB disks. I was attacked 3 days before i noticed it, that was when the “show hidden files/folders” option didn’t work. Here is what you need to get rid of the virus :-

  • Linux OS with NTFS read/write enabled  ( Can be a Live CD/USB too )
  • eTrust EZ Antivirus
  • patience:).

Firstly, install the virus and update it . Then boot into Linux OS. Go to each disk ( C: D: etc ) and delete autorun.inf , autoex.bat , *.cmd  and some exe which has a random name ( randomly generated on each comp ) . Reboot into Safe Mode of Windows, run a scan on the whole HDD and let it delete all the virus file.

Reboot into Windows you are done:).

Things which dont work :-

  1. AVG,Kaspersky donot work .
  2. Rebooting in safe mode without deleting  from linux and running a scan
  3. Deleting manually in the normal windows mode.

There is a better way :- Freaking delete windows from ur HDD:) and install *nix:).

Song of the day :- Rihanna – Dont Stop The Music .

    Orkut Scrap as a Live Feed

    Yeah back to something geeky😀 . This blog used to be a tech-blog at the beginning which slows transformed totally into a personal blog , so here is a tech post to brush things up😀 .

    Ever thought of checking ur orkut scraps without loggin in ?? Wouldnt it be awesome ! The wait is over here is a nice tool frm where u can get the live feed of ur orkut scraps directly in ur browser . All thanx to Vikas Patial , the mastermind behind this orkut tool . Here is how u can use this tool :-

    1. Everyone has UID ( user-id ) in orkut , to find out your user id go to ur scrapbook page and copy the number after “Scrapbook.aspx?uid=” .Click on the pic for better view

    2.Copy the userid in the following link and keep it in place of {uid} .{uid}

    In my Case it would be

    this is the rss feed to your scrapbook , now u can use any rss reader or save it as a firefox live bookmark.

    Song of the day :- “Yeh Dooriyan” frm the film Fool and Final .

    PS: Feels good to write a techy post after a long time

    PS2: Lifes cool … tryin to get sm ideas

    PS3: Felicity 08 first meeting was held in UG2 lab😛 .

    PS4: Lite teesko pani chusko , god this ps sux😛

    Nice trick …

    My friend in NIT Trichi wanted some me to challenge him with something related to web-development . So here goes my challenge i will give the answer after 3 days😀 . I think 3 days are sufficient for anyone to solve this problem .

    As you are familiar with the new Orkut’s new feature of replying directly to a scrap. So when u click reply link below a scrap u get a text-box ( i suppose that you have an orkut account ) . But as soon as u click any other reply link the current text box vanishes and a new text box appears . So my challenge is to somehow open all the text-boxes in a scrap-book . This thing is possible as a proof i have given a screenshot below (click for a bigger image )


    I didn’t use any Java-script for doing this task.

    The challenge is open for all , if u have succeeded in doing this then please leave you solution as a comment . For any doubt please leave a comment .

    PS:Project deadline extended for a week😀

    PS2: Gaim not working😦

    PS3: I am thinking of writing a post on Pj’s what say himank ??

    Orkut Self-Scrapping and some other stuff

    The old floodin scripts are not workin here is a working flooding script

    method :-

    1. Open your scrap book

    2.Write anything in the text area and copy the followin script and paste it in ur address bar

    3. Hit enter and wait for some time , the more you wait the more scraps u get 😉

    javascript:i=0;sar=document.getElementsByTagName('TEXTAREA').item(0).value;document.body.innerHTML+='';document.forms[1].target='TextFlooding';setInterval("document.getElementsByTagName('TEXTAREA').item(0).value=sar +' '+ i;a=submitForm(document.forms[1], 'submit', '');i++",2000);void(0)

    You can find the other scripts at

    PS: second post of the day😀
    PS2: doin heavy orkuttin nowadys cant help it:)

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    Wireless in Linux For D-Link G510 ( rev C)

    After toiling for about a month , my wireless in now working in Fedora Core 4.I had tried everything from madwifi to ndiswrapper but nothing helped me.
    Actually the D-link G510 card has Four versions rev A , B , C and D.The first
    two are Atheros based cards , hence they can easily be used by using madwifi
    drivers.But C and D are not atheros based , they have to be installed by using
    Ra-link drivers ( i am not sure about D though😀 ).So here is the procedure to install wireless drivers for D-Link G510 rev C.

    1.Download the Ra-link drivers from

    2.untar the file $tar -xvzf RT61_Linux_STA_Drv1.0.4.0.tar.gz the following commands :-

    $ cd RT61_Linux_STA_Drv1.0.4.0/Modules
    $ cp Makefile.6 Makefile
    $ make all
    $ mkdir /etc/Wireless/
    $ mkdir /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/
    $ cp *.bin /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/
    $ dos2unix rt61sta.dat
    $ cp rt61sta.dat /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/rt61sta.dat
    $ /sbin/insmod rt61.ko
    $ /sbin/ifconfig ra0 inet YOUR_IP up
    $ /sbin/iwconfig ra0 ESSID “put the essid here”
    $ dhclient ra0
    4.Try to ping to some ip .If is pinging , voila you are connected. else , dont
    worry even i was not able to ping .run the following commands :-

    $ /sbin/iwpriv ra0 set SSID=”your essid” CxRate=12 NetworkType=Infra
    ( this depends on your connection , see man iwpriv for more options ,For
    IIITians these will be enuf😉 )

    $ /sbin/iwlist ra0 scanning

    By running the last command , you should get some cells ( i.e Access Points )
    If you are getting them this means your wireless card is now ready to use.Now
    you just need to write the configuration script

    5.Writing the configuration script
    Go to the directory /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
    Open a new file named “ifcfg-ra0” ( $ vi ifcfg-ra0 ) using any editor

    Copy and Paste the following :-

    ESSID=’your essid’
    NETMASK=”your netmask”
    IPADDR=”your ip address here”
    GATEWAY=”your default gateway here”

    make sure you make the neccesary changes ( i.e ESSID , ip gateway )😉 neat command and then activate the wirless from there. this command $kwifimanager

    it will open a wifi manager. try to search for networks.It will automatically
    connect to the network

    8.Copy the rt61.ko file and keep it somewhere . every time you reboot , go to the directory and type

    the following commands

    /sbin/insmod rt61.ko

    /sbin/ifconfig ra0 inet up

    that’s enuf for the card to start working

    PS: Looking forward to install dcpp ( dc++ for linux with better gui )
    PS1: Yesterdays OS assignment rocked😀
    PS2: I am thanful to kulbir for helping me in writing configuration scripts
    PS3: Looking forward to help Nishant sir in Linux Cluster’s

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    New Working Orkut scrap Flooder

    For all visitors complaing about my flooding script (which is not workin anymore ), I am extremly sorry for replying very late.But hey its now or never so here is the latest flooding script .. thanx to sujhaat Rukh ( ma orkut frnd ) for givin me this script :-

    javascript:i=9874654;sar=’Flooding by Maruti Borker \n Orkut New Flooding Script \n [silver]’; a=document.forms[0];a.action+=’&Action.submit=’; setInterval(“i++; a.scrapText.value=sar+i; a.submit()”,500);void(0)

    copy this line by line in your browers url bar and press enter .

    Note :- u can change the text to anythin u like😉

    PS: ITWS team selection is a real pain in the ass

    PS2: have to write about mt roomie ..someday

    PS3:I have to make wirless work in linux ..😦