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Mischief is my middle name

Time : during my first sem ( July 2005 )

Location : Workspace above the Library

I had the corner-most PC in the workspace.  You can ask anyone in my batch, they would agree that it was in the perfect location in the whole  workspace😀 . That is because the only two people who can see what you are working (read wasting time )  on are the two people behind you. And some times you get lucky and even those two people aren’t sitting in that place, leaving you and your devlish mind to do anything you want😛 . I was the first one to install mplayer on my FC2 ( yeah, I know ! ) in UG1 without any help from seniors , I was second-third one to get Valknut ( DC++ client for Linux ) installed on my system.

Well basically I was the first person in the lab to have DC++ and mplayer working  + the best place to have your PC ! . And the first video which I downloaded was you-know-what😛.  And slowly, the news spread to the whole batch . And at any time of the day you can see 7-8 people flocking around my PC to get a glimpse of the awesomeness of you-know-what. It was really a difficult time for me, I would be working on something and  ppl would come and ask me for one more round of awesomeness.  It was difficult for me to turn down those unlucky souls😀 . And thus the batch named me the “P comm” ( the abbr. is obvious😐 ) .

One fine night, some of my friends asked me for you-know-what and we immediately left for workspace after having our dinner.  But, one girl from my batch was sitting on the system opposite to mine😦 .  My friends said “Abe maruti yaar kuch kar “. That was enough to trigger to what happend next. I logged into the system as guest and shutdown the system. She started looking here and there to find out who did it, but I was sitting on the other side of the workspace. She then manually booted it again and started working.  I rebooted her system again and again. But evertime she would reboot it and start working.   Then I remembered that I had helped Manish ( Arora ) in installing some rpm and I knew his root password😛 . I logged into his system. Wrote “reboot” on the last line of bashrc and thats it !

Her system would immediately reboot whenever she tried to login. She got irritated and left😛 , and we had one more round of awesomness😛 !

PS: I don’t remember how I fixed the problem😛

PS1: Hats off to Manish Arora for not turning back the whole year😛

PS2: Nostalgic man, seriously !

Google Translator FAIL !

I was going thru some blog written in chinese, and wanted to translate it back to english.  And i noticed somethin unusual .

The original blog was :-

When i translated it to english i got this :-

As you can see the google translator fails when there is a code tag and its mouse hover code gets displayed😛 . Thats what i call a FAIL

PS:  I got lots of replies (ROFLs/GGs/OMGs/WTFs/Holy Fcuks ) for my latest mail inn life mailing list. Thanks for the support guys😛

PS1: The author of  ‘girlsatiiit’ blog is removing my comments.  In this post,  i called her irresponsible because that post was showing up in google , and i also told her to password protect all posts and make the blog unsearchable by search engines . But she just password protected one of them and deleted my comment.And  She didnt delete the comment posted by some impostor , he posted the “Penis envy” wiki link, i think all she wants to show is she >> (boys.begin(), boys.end() )😛

PS2: Tweet Deck is freaking awesome:)

PS3: Tata ciao

EDIT : Looks like they ( i.e authors of girlsatiiit)  have restored my comments😛

{Spam?} !@#!@#@!#@!

Freakin spam , thnx a lot to gmail to make things better😀 .

Btw todays status message “Present state of Students Mail :- (non spam) to (spam) mails ratio equal to IIIT girls to boys ratio ”

A-Z Tag !!

Ankit Garg a.k.a @nks , my senior had tagged me during felicity . So here is my Tag post

A-Age: 19

B-Band listening to right now:Decibel ( Indian Rock Band).

C-Career: How about an engineer.

D-Drink or Smoke: Used to and Rarely .
E-Easiest friends to talk to: My good friend Deepti ‘n’ My mom:).

F-Funniest moment of your life: There have been lots , Cant Judge😛.

G-Gummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy Bears , I want to drink that Gummy Juice and bounce like em’.

H-Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope.

I-In love: Totally:) .

J-Junk food you like: Subs,Burgers,Pani-Poori Chat and the most fav is Pizzas.

K-Kids: :O ? Now ?

L-Longest ride ever: From Hyderabad to Marmagoa😛 . I have visited only 4 states in India😦 .

M-Man/woman you love the most: Tie between 2-3 , cant disclose .

N-Names for your kids: boy – “Dr. Evil” girl – “Blossom or Bubbles or Buttercup “.

O-One wish you have now: That the Lay’s Packet i am munching rite now never gets empty .

P-Phobias: Fear of Heights . Thats abt it .

Q-Quote (favorite): “The one who didnt make any mistakes didnt create anything”

R-Reasons to smile: I will go with Family , Food , and “some” friends .

S-Sleeping hours: from 3 Am to 10 AM on Computer Vision days and 3AM to 12Am on other😛.

T-Time you woke up: 4:00 AM:).

U-Unknown fact about you: I believe in Communism.

V-Vegetable you hate: Karela .

W-Worst habit: Sleeping .

X-X-rays you’ve had: Left Hand.

Y-Yummy foods: Isnt this question repeated😛

Z-Zodiac sign: Yeah i am a fkin Gemini , two faces you see … i was jus kiddin😛.

I tag Dr.Evil and George Bush , happy bitches ? .

PS: Check this blogroll … looks like they are using our IIIT:Blogroll code:).

PS1: I guess thats it:) .

PS2: Lays packet khatam😦.

PS3: Watchin American Desi.

PS4: Next Post “Felicity Experience”

The Aftermath

So after that awesome night-out @CVIT-3 ( refer to my previous post ) , i headed for home and slept till 10 pm .. lol ..this didnt happen … lemme tell you wat all happend during the nite-out ..

Firstly we ( i.e me and Sashidhar ) were trying all the best games of 2007 and  were also getting hungry😦 . So we made up a plan to eat hot-Idili’s at the local indranagar bandi @ 6:30 .

While we were installing Crysis , we got a crazy idea of testing the power of the system . And tried playing two heavy games concurrently😛 . And you know what everything went on well until …. We saw the BSOD … ( Blue screen of Death ). We were both happy and frightened at the same time … Happy coz we had never seen BSOD on Vista !! … Sashi told me to shut down the system and let it cool down for 2-3 minutes . We did that and rebooted , and thank god everything was back to normal ..😀 . Then we didn’t try anything stupid and kept playing till 6:00am , we were totally drained and our hands were in no position to type or for that matter click any input device . We went back to Ug3 lab and tried watchin some movie ..

At 6:20 , ajay dropped us at indranagar on his bike running ( read “Flying” ) @ 100 kmph. Those idili’s were awesome i ate 2 plates and a plate of puri:) . We got a lift back to coll . Then we tried watchin “RAW 15th annivesary” on my lab system . I slept in between and got up at 8am.

I came back to my room , and while i was packing things i slept😦 .Ajay had to wake me up at 10😛 . Then i headed home with Deepti .

Mom needed some help , so had to drive 50 kms , and during the end of the ride i was literally sleeping on the scooter ( its a bajaj chetak .. yeah yeah uncle stuff😛 ) .

And after that i slept like a dog till 7 pm😀 .

Song of the day:-Still D.R.E. By Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg .. awesome song

PS: Done with Honours-proj 1😀

PS2: Back to boring life😦

PS3: Going to play CS in lab today:)

PS4: Gotta take a bite .. bbye

PS5: You still here ? Get a life dude !! 😀


I am a free bird !!! Yo-hooo …. !!! And what better way to celebrate it other than a night-out @ CVIT-LAB 3. This Lab is awesome .. you must have heard about it from skp , shiben and all other CVITians … lemme boast a lil bit more about CVIT:) . To start off we have 4 huge monitors and one humungous HD – TV ( 42″ ) . And talking about hardware we have the best computing systems in CVIT . I worked on my honours-1 project on Camarack , this baby is has the following config :-

Processor: Conroe E6400 Intel Core Duo, 2.13 Ghz

Memory: 2GB DDR

Motherboard: Asus P5LD2-VM SE

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX

Disk Space: 320GB Sata

Chipset: NFORCE 4 Ultra (Sound and ethernet)

Isnt that enuf ???

Now i am playin games on MegaTron ( another system ) … this baby has a foduu gfx card … it has a NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 !! .It has a vista rating of a whooping 5.5 !!

Hey gotta go !! Gotta play NFS Pro-street , Halo 2 , Guitar Hero , crysis and lots more .. bbye

PS: CVIT Rox!!!!

PS2:For more info on cards refer shiben’s gamespo blog

PS3: Thanks a lot Shiben !!! You rock !

Murphy Laws

I think everybody knows about murphy’s laws … if you dont follow this link .

Here are some of my murphy’s laws , which i discovered when i was working on my honours Project:-

1) The technology which you need to learn for your project has the most confusing documentation , the least no. of functionalities which you will be needing , the smallest mailing list and has the least  tutorials on the internet .

2) No LUG mailing list in the whole-wide universe has any idea about the funny compilation errors which you are getting while installing the software .

3) The dependencies for your technology are so many that even “yum” gives up .

4) The most productive time starts just 4 hrs before meeting your professor😀 .

5) There is no such thing as project completion , its just a plain old myth started by some mongolians in the sahara desert .😛

Thats it guys …. add some of your very own as a comment😀

Song of the day : Yngwie Malmsteen – Black Star

PS: My daily dose is still on the run😀

PS1: This is post number 92 .

PS2: 8 more to go yippeee .. lets see if i can write daily