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I’m Only Sleeping

DISCLAIMER:- This is one of those What-is-life-psycho-bullshit-posts, so yes you have been warned.

I always like to have lots of short-term goals and very few long-term goals.And probably of this approach in most of the cases, the long-term goals just feel small after you have achieved some short-term goals. For an example: When I joined college, I just wanted to land in any job after my four years. Short terms goals varied from having a participating in topcoder to getting a course project published in a conference. At end of third year, I just felt that getting into any job is such a compromise.

The second problem I always faced was that my goals were divided into two big chunks, i.e  career ( acad/professional) , personal ( health/relationships ).  And finding a balance between them is really difficult. Its even more difficult if you see people excelling in career or  personal stuff. Pushing you harder and harder to excel in both, and which usually ends up screwing up both.

So whats the use if you got your dream job, and have to leave your 2-3 month relationship behind which were the best 2-3 months of your life ? Whats the use of celebrating an anniversary, when you are under-performing than the rest of your colleagues.

The balance between both is really important. Setting very high aims in any of them, could effect your other side and in end screw you.  That is why I never believe in “Aim for the moon,even if you miss , you will fall among the stars” philosophy.

Get a job which you love,  try to find a partner with whom every second is a bliss. And if you have got both, then its time to just sleep.

I would like to quote few lines from the Song “I’m Only sleeping” by Beatles. Which btw, is one of my favorite Beatles song.

Everybody seems to think I’m lazy
I don’t mind, I think they’re crazy
Running everywhere at such a speed
Till they find, there’s no need

PS: Thanking Himank for introducing me to Beatles

PS1: Thanking her to make my life worth living.

PS2: This is not a HOWTO guide of living life,  its just a food for thought:)

PS3: After re-reading the whole post, I have no idea what I wrote and no I was not smoking crack.

Mischief is my middle name

Time : during my first sem ( July 2005 )

Location : Workspace above the Library

I had the corner-most PC in the workspace.  You can ask anyone in my batch, they would agree that it was in the perfect location in the whole  workspace😀 . That is because the only two people who can see what you are working (read wasting time )  on are the two people behind you. And some times you get lucky and even those two people aren’t sitting in that place, leaving you and your devlish mind to do anything you want😛 . I was the first one to install mplayer on my FC2 ( yeah, I know ! ) in UG1 without any help from seniors , I was second-third one to get Valknut ( DC++ client for Linux ) installed on my system.

Well basically I was the first person in the lab to have DC++ and mplayer working  + the best place to have your PC ! . And the first video which I downloaded was you-know-what😛.  And slowly, the news spread to the whole batch . And at any time of the day you can see 7-8 people flocking around my PC to get a glimpse of the awesomeness of you-know-what. It was really a difficult time for me, I would be working on something and  ppl would come and ask me for one more round of awesomeness.  It was difficult for me to turn down those unlucky souls😀 . And thus the batch named me the “P comm” ( the abbr. is obvious😐 ) .

One fine night, some of my friends asked me for you-know-what and we immediately left for workspace after having our dinner.  But, one girl from my batch was sitting on the system opposite to mine😦 .  My friends said “Abe maruti yaar kuch kar “. That was enough to trigger to what happend next. I logged into the system as guest and shutdown the system. She started looking here and there to find out who did it, but I was sitting on the other side of the workspace. She then manually booted it again and started working.  I rebooted her system again and again. But evertime she would reboot it and start working.   Then I remembered that I had helped Manish ( Arora ) in installing some rpm and I knew his root password😛 . I logged into his system. Wrote “reboot” on the last line of bashrc and thats it !

Her system would immediately reboot whenever she tried to login. She got irritated and left😛 , and we had one more round of awesomness😛 !

PS: I don’t remember how I fixed the problem😛

PS1: Hats off to Manish Arora for not turning back the whole year😛

PS2: Nostalgic man, seriously !


This is not one of those ” i am bored doing nothin and killin time ” kind of posts . No offense to _shift , poor _shift has totally nothin to do . I would advice him to install stumble upon , that will pakka kill 5-6 hrs daily .
So comin back to the post , today i saw pudi ( better known as wulfor ) playin football with keen interest leavin lab exactly at 5pm . And this made be remember my school days when i used to play good football . I was the captain for soccer team for 2 tournaments .

The match i remember the most was between my school Sultan-ul-uloom and Bhartiya vidya bhavan .We were like the underdogs in the tournament facing the previous years runners up😛 . We just wanted to get out with a tie , which meant we didnt allow the front to score a single goal . In the match , my friend Hassan ( a very good striker ) was tryin his best to pass ball around and keeping maximum possession . We were successful in the first half the score was 0-0 .

In second half , the game turned dirty when the opponents team’s striker kicked hard on Hassan’s right leg , and he was hurt badly and incapable of playing for the game . I was the defender and was tryin my best to kick the ball hard to the other half every time the opponent used to come near me . But the opponent followed some strategy and broke our defense and scored a goal . Last 8 minutes left and we were still being defensive , this was our first match in the tournament and we didnt want to leave with a bad score . Hassan told me that we need to try to get out of this defense mode and do somethin . But our strikers were not capable of the same , but taking the risk i changed the positions and we tried to follow hassan’s strategy . Still 2 minutes to go and we were very close to goal . Raheem our substitute for Hassan tried getting it into the “D” , and their defender was coming close to him and raheem kicked the ball rite in the defenders hand , and we got a penalty w00t.

Now the question was to who will take the penalty , and i was the captain and the decider  . Hassan told me that it had to be me cause i had a better chance . Raheeem also wanted to do the same , Hassan told me to go for it .And yours truly went for the penalty . I wanted to to the right side and had decided that i wont change my decision , i marched and pretended as if i was gonna hit to the left . But on the last moment i saw the goalie shift right , and then i changed my direction to left . And i freakin missed the goal by an inch , it just touched the pole on the other end😦 .

But this is not the end , finally they scored a self goal accidentally right after that . And the scores were leveled to 1-1 , everybody forgot my mistake and we had an awesome party after that . The next day , 2-3 girls from my school talked to me and congratulated me for being a nice captain ( which i wasnt😛 ) .The next match was a complete disaster we lost 5-2😛 .

Whenever i remember my football playin days , i have this feeling that i have transformed into one of the world’s most boring person . I no longer play football , thanks to the injury in one the games & my intermediate education . I was watchin beauty and geek , and i saw how geeks were so infamous among the “beauties” even after a makeover , they were basically very boring . I cannot play a single music instrument , i have stopped playin sports and even dancing , i have geeky/boring/crappy status messages , i keep writin such boring posts . And to top it all , people who matter the most to you start calling you boring , and then u realise that you need to change … but then after 5 minutes of progressive thinking you cool down and watch another season of Beauty and Geek and get back to your boring life .

Song of the day: “This love” by maroon 5

PS: Beauty and Geek is freaking awesome

PS1: Should i wear Formals or Casual on my first day of my Intern ?

PS2: Please help me with PS1 i am unable to decide😦 .

PS3: Going shopppin tomm

PS4: I hope i dont bore my friends durin shopping .

PS5: Some people actually bought my prev april fool post😛 .

Miss u :(

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop , you must be knowing this . Be alone for a long time , and your mind plays different tricks wid u .

You are writing some crappy code for some crappy project , and suddenly you remember the biryani you ate today . Then you just wish that you could have more . Then you remember the times when your mom used to prepare a super-fast food when you feel hungry even after eating a whole biryani 😦 .

This is what is happening to me from last 5 and 1/2 hours . I have recollected nearly every dish which mom used to make for me . And the worst part is that i am feeling hungry😦 . I want to just rush home after 31st and be there for a really big time .

Leaving that , I also recollect my cousin-sister Amrita , whom i meet like once every year . And i haven’t met her from last 3 years ( fkin ) . I dunno why i am so attached to her , might be coz i don’t have any real sister😦 . I am online on my yahoo messenger only for her ( my status messages explains that😀 ).

Shakira’s “Underneath your Clothes” is driving me crazy , the music is so soothing . I have been listenin to it from last 4-5 days.

Those who think that windows is more vulnerable check the following stats from zone-h

Last week attacks

O.S. Defs. %
Linux 9273 68.44%
Win 2003 2893 21.35%
Win 2000 1013 7.48%
FreeBSD 227 1.68%
Unknown 43 0.32%
Other 101 0.75%

Song of the Day :- Underneath your clothes by Shakira

Airtel4U PJ of the Day :-… ah wait a minute .. they have stopped sending me PJ’s .. w00t.

PS0: Maggi anyone ?

PS1: Farewell was awesome

PS2: Stomach upset after Farewell dinner😦

PS3: Countdown begins .

PS4: 4 Endsems

PS5: 2 Course projects remain😀 .

PS6: Congrats to ppl who got interns in Amazon:) .

PS7: Tata ! shoo

A-Z Tag !!

Ankit Garg a.k.a @nks , my senior had tagged me during felicity . So here is my Tag post

A-Age: 19

B-Band listening to right now:Decibel ( Indian Rock Band).

C-Career: How about an engineer.

D-Drink or Smoke: Used to and Rarely .
E-Easiest friends to talk to: My good friend Deepti ‘n’ My mom:).

F-Funniest moment of your life: There have been lots , Cant Judge😛.

G-Gummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy Bears , I want to drink that Gummy Juice and bounce like em’.

H-Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope.

I-In love: Totally:) .

J-Junk food you like: Subs,Burgers,Pani-Poori Chat and the most fav is Pizzas.

K-Kids: :O ? Now ?

L-Longest ride ever: From Hyderabad to Marmagoa😛 . I have visited only 4 states in India😦 .

M-Man/woman you love the most: Tie between 2-3 , cant disclose .

N-Names for your kids: boy – “Dr. Evil” girl – “Blossom or Bubbles or Buttercup “.

O-One wish you have now: That the Lay’s Packet i am munching rite now never gets empty .

P-Phobias: Fear of Heights . Thats abt it .

Q-Quote (favorite): “The one who didnt make any mistakes didnt create anything”

R-Reasons to smile: I will go with Family , Food , and “some” friends .

S-Sleeping hours: from 3 Am to 10 AM on Computer Vision days and 3AM to 12Am on other😛.

T-Time you woke up: 4:00 AM:).

U-Unknown fact about you: I believe in Communism.

V-Vegetable you hate: Karela .

W-Worst habit: Sleeping .

X-X-rays you’ve had: Left Hand.

Y-Yummy foods: Isnt this question repeated😛

Z-Zodiac sign: Yeah i am a fkin Gemini , two faces you see … i was jus kiddin😛.

I tag Dr.Evil and George Bush , happy bitches ? .

PS: Check this blogroll … looks like they are using our IIIT:Blogroll code:).

PS1: I guess thats it:) .

PS2: Lays packet khatam😦.

PS3: Watchin American Desi.

PS4: Next Post “Felicity Experience”


Ultimately after postponing this post for abt a semester , i think i am now ready to write the post . I was afraid abt what people will think about me after i write this post … but know to think abt it i dont give a damn , and i am really cool being a smoker and as Skp said “If you smoke you will get lung cancer unless u rant abt it ”😀 .So here goes :-

When i was in 6th-7th i used to think why people are so crazy for gettin some smoke out of their mouth . And me being really “Sudhrahua”-types believed that i would never get into such things . Then when i was in 10th , had the same thinking but also came to know why people actually do it , now i had really decided that i wont even touch it . But one fine day , during my vacation after AIEEE and IIT , my friend called me up and asked me whether i could accompany him to Mehdipatnam . I agreed and we reached Mpatnam , there we bought some veggies etc . After that we went to a Pani-Puri bandi and after that he went to the pan shop got two Gold flakes ( chota ) , and asked me to try it . I refused instantly .

Friend:- “U are a bitch !! Mummy ka ladla beta hai tu , ja bournvita pi ” ( you are mamas boy go drink bournvita)

Me:- ” Y are u angry ,man ?? I will never touch that stuff”

Friend:-“Meri dosti ke liye ek puff maar le phir dekh lena” ( Smoke a single puff for sake of my friendship ? )

After this senti dialouge i had to smoke a puff , and u guys wont belive it i didnt choke😀 . And no smoke came out , i was dissapointed . I tried again and again , but all in vain . Alas i finished the whole cig , i didnt feel anythin and thought that the whole ciggrate thing was crap .

Semester 3 : Same place , Mehdipatnam bus stop , this time with a college friend . After completing our shopping , we were waitin at the bustop and suddenly ,

Friend:- ” Did u ever try cig ?? ”

Me:- ” Nopes man ! Dont wanna try either” ( i lied😛 )

Friend:- ” I have started smokin , my friend introduced this lovely thing to me durin summer , wanna try one ?? ”

Me:-“Okies ”

He gave me a lighted cig ( i didnt know how to light a cig then ) , i tried smokin and he was amazed that i didn’t choke . I told him that i am not feeling any different. Then he asked me to take the smoke into the lungs and keep it there for a moment . I did that for some puffs and i was feeling a bit dizzy , but i really like it😀 . After that there was no looking back . I promised my self that i wont smoke more than 2 ciggs/week . But then the rate increased from 2/week-> 4/week to 1/day . And i was smoking a cigg daily , and during some night out 4-5/day. I on my part have never forced anyone to smoke and neither will i commit such a thing .

Some interesting things which i experienced :-

1. I had once smoked around 10 suttas and i was feeling Smokey😛 . My lips were dry and the taste of everything changed to something carbonish . But still i didn’t get high i dunno why .

2.I smoked 2 ciggrates in a closed bathroom , and when i got out i was barely able to walk .

3. I tried the traditional beedi , i smoked arnd 6-7 beedi’s in one day . The taste sux though

4. I tried out cigar once , didnt have a good experince , i nearly vommited .

5. I have tried Marlbora , wills (classic|regular|mint| .. ) and ofcourse the most famous Gold flake .

But frankly speakin 1cigg/day is way under control , even then i left sutta after december and then now i rarely smoke . Nowadays i smoke abt 2-3 ciggs/month . Cool aint it .

I wrote this post so that next time some batch-mate sees me smokin i wont be afraid to do so:) and yeah as skp said i dont want to have a lung cancer .

lastly i want to say HOLD THE CIGARRETE DONT LET IT HOLD U  ( by  SMR ).

Song of the day:- Sutta na mila by Zeest

PS1: Ah finally !!!

PS2: I support SIGCIG u guys rock !!

PS3: Have to write some posts quickly to get this outta my main page😛

PS4: For the love of god , stop spammin ug3 mailin list u have life for that .

Birthday Post

This could have been a repeat post of what Himank had written on his birthday😀 . But since he has written the post i wouldnt like to repeat it again .

doing my project work i headed home and came back by night just 3 hrs
before my birthday😀 .Spent the last hour with my closest buddy . I
was pretty much frightened of the treatment  which i was about to get
.I was trying to find an extra padding , so that it would help me out
.I was afraid of Piyush , Snigam and Mathur  ( the hard hitters😉 ) .
But thankfully , they didnt hurt me much . But i was surprised that
Chand starting kickin me :(  .After bumps we had a walk around the
campus ,and then  started sharing ghost stories . Dadu’s stories were
awesome and one of them gave me goosebumps .When i was returning back
mahaveer and Sachin caught me and Veer gave me 2 bumps which hurt me
more than all the bumps combined . Ah ! my ass still hurts😦 .

the next day i got up by 11 .Then had lunch at Ginger Court with my
best pal .I didnt know that they added ginger by default , and i cant
stand ginger .Even then the ambiance was good .Then i   went home had
the best dinner .Biryani from  Paradise and my fav dishes😀 ..aaaah i
am feeling hungry again . Then i dozed of for 3 hrs got up again and
ate 3 mangoes and 2 glasses of milk . God i was full .  Slept like a
king got up after 13 hrs😀 .

In short had a wonderful time , and as said i before didnt feel special and it was just another day😀 .

PS: IIT-K site hacked twice in 2 days luks like the hacker was a Mcd fan.

PS2: Not in a mood to write more ps’es . I guess this is the end

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