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Mr. Beans

Tried out a new coffee place in Koramangala. The interior was totally unique, it was just like a Big villa with sofas and glass tables everywhere.

We ordered Green apple soda and Choclate Anaconda for drinks.

And Veg. cheese Pasta.

The green apple soda was okayish, but choclate anaconda was superb. The pasta was made in Indian style – full of spices, just the way I like:) . Hookas were also available. The  villa ambience , the sofas and the slow music makes this place an ideal place to chill out.

Address:- Near BDA Complex, Kormangala, Bangalore.

Food :- 3.5 / 5

Ambience :- 5 /5

Service :- 3 /5

Value for money :- 4.5 /5

Casa Piccola

European food in Bangalore is both tasty and costly.  An average meal at any euro restaurant can cost around 300-500 bucks.  But this euro restaurant is both affordable and tasty. The average meal here will cost you around 200 bucks. The ambience is pretty laid back , the perfect place to chill out :-

They have a separate section which list their specialties. And from last few visits here, their specialties section turned out to be the best. We orderded Chicken Lasagna and  pasta.

The service was quick. The food was delicious. The ambience was just right for a lazy sunday afternoon.

Address:- Near Jyothi Nivas College, Kormangala, Bangalore.

Food :- 5 / 5

Ambience :- 3.5 /5 ( Not good for all types of occasions )

Service :- 4.5 /5

Value for money :- 4.5/5

Do check this place out, much better than its costly alternatives namely friends, fiorano etc.

PS: Ordered 3 chicken biryanis for tonite  :) Pk is back to bangalore

Kiwi Kiss

I am trying out lots of new places in and around Kormangala from the past one year. And Since I go out atleast 5 times a week, I thought of writing quick reviews about these places. I am starting off with a new place I tried today, Kiwi Kiss.

Address:- 80ft Road, 8th block , opp. Post Office, Kormangala

This place is basically a Fro-yo place. They boast of providing ‘The real frozen Yogurt”.  I am not a big fan of Yogurt, but my girlfriend is. The menu is pretty simple , they offer fro-yos, parfait , waffles and fruit bowl. Its pretty comfortable to checkout places when you have a bike, parked my beauty outside.

The ambience was really nice, Check out the interior :-

The place is pretty new, and we had reached there around 10. This should explain why the place looks empty:) . Anyhoo, We tried waffles with 3 fruit toppings ( Blueberry, Strawberry and of-course Kiwi ).

And yes, It was delicious. The place is not that expensive, its actually cheaper than Baskin robbins. Loved the place, the service and the food.

Food :- 5 / 5

Ambience :- 4.5 /5

Service :- 5/5

Value for money :- 3.5/5

PS: Have to buy a better camera

PS1: This is my 150th post:)

Top Playlist

I thank Karan for taggin me, it has been a while since I wrote a post. I dont use the wimp ( WMP or Windows Media Player ) or any other library based music player. I usually select songs and put them in Mplayer Playlist. Here are the top songs which I have been listenin to lately :-

1. Crack a Bottle – Eminem
2. Still D.R.E – Dr. Dre (Feat Snoop Dogg )
3. Area Codes – Ludacris and Nate Dogg
4. I wanna Love you – Akon (Feat Snoop Dogg )
5. 99 Problems – Jay Z
6. Pop That Pussy – 2 Live Crew
7. Since they wanna Know – Obie Trice
8. Here comes the boom – Nelly
9. The way i are-Timbaland(feat keri hilson and d.o.e.)
10. How we do – Game

As you can make out I am listening to rap nowadays. I am eagerly waiting for Eminem’s next album Relapse, which is set for release on May 19, while the first official single and it’s music video are set for release on April 7.


Indi Blaaagers Meet ! A review

This is a short summary of what happend in the Indiblogger meet i was publicing about .

The Food

There were 3 varieties of veg pizzas and non-veg pizzas . I tried out a Chilli chicken one which was awesome , and a corn pizza was even more awesome😀 .

The Junta

The organizer was funny .Got to know abt people’s perception on blogs . Everybody was like 25+ .And there was this weird guy who thinks that the option of changing the date of the post is actually a crime . And others were okayish , 3 ppl sittin behind me were cracking PJ’s which could defy sashidhar’s Greatness as a PJ GOD .

The HE/SHE confusion

Somebody with the name Madhu had registered for the bloggers meet . And “her” blog’s are awesome especially this one .

But when “she” was called on for doing a “Jig” (more about this later ) she turned out to be a “He” . All my friends were like wtf ?????? . You shoud read “her” blog , i am damn sure that the real blogger wasnt there . OR this was another case those silly operations😛.

The Jig

There was one interactive event where u had to identify your comments . And then do a small “Shake ur booty” kindaa step .

The Microsoft Campus

The campus was awesome , and the security entrance was something i saw in games . To sad that i didnt have a camera😦 .

And we were not allowed to move around in the campus😦 .

Windows Live Writer

Another software by microsoft which helps bloggers:) . But performacing a.k.a ScribeFire kicks ass !!!

The T-shirt

We will be getting a t-shirt pretty soon thru mail😀 .

Thats abt it !!

I guess every IIIT’ian should actually thank me for spreading the news😀 .

Song of the day :- Broken Wings by Velvet Revolver .

Airtel 4U joke of the Day :- Boy :- I am not rich like rohit but i love you , Girl :- I love u tooo but lets keep that aside who is this rohit .

PS: New addition to my post , i will share my frustration with Airtel with u guys !!

PS1: You cant have everything in your life !!

PS2: PS1 not related to post😛

PS3: R&D showcase was a good experince , cant blog abt it😀.

PS4: _Shift sux !

PS5: read his latest post to know why

PS6: In the Junta , out of say 45 .. nearly 12 were from IIIT😀 .


Microsoft has come up with a new command prompt interface , Powershell to give developers and h0x3rs some hope in windows for automating day to day work . This was created by “Microsoft’s Linux Group” .. yeah such a group exists .. google it:) .

The language is not as powerful as bash but hey something is better than nothing .. The biggest catch … u can use both “/” and “\” for changing directories … it used to be a pain in the a** for Linux users like me to use “\” after a using Linux for the whole day .

Looking at the examples given at the microsoft’s website i think this will replace my basic “cmd” …

Read this book its funny :- Unix-Haters Hand Book or from a local ftp ( for IIIT’ians)

Ps: This news is one year old😛

Ps2: I am not a *nix-Hater .. but on the  other hand an ardent *nix-Worshipper😀

PS3: I am not a Windows-hater either .. i am just a Use-Windows-Only-For-Games kind of guy:)

PS4: I bet the best comment will be from general Bordeaux but he isnt here …😦

PS5: tata ciao !! Au revoir !!

Aap Ka Kasoor …

Yup its your kasoor .. if u have watched Aap ka suroor .Well i downloaded this movie just because i wanted to watch that motwani gal , but Himesh’s presence in the movie refrained me from watchin the movie . But on the cursed day , i finally watched it .. the whole NBH was cursed that day , wireless refused to work and all jobless souls were tryin to do BC in rooms . Geeks were horrified and they had to find refugee in labs .And of all things i could do i watched this movie .So i thought of writing a small review .

First of all u kindaa get bored with Himesh , coz he has this “I am the one who has all the problems in the world” look throughout the movie . In scenes and song sequences where he should be happy that he has got motwani he keeps the same damn look .Check out “Tera mera Milna” video for more details . Secondly , you cant bear him hugging Motwani . Thirdly , you cant bear his voice . FYI Himesh spills out some beans , he explains why he wears this sad look and why he doesnt smile … must watch for all autowallahs . The action sequences suck , in one of the scenes 3 autos appear from nowhere and get on the german police car and then rescue HR . And in one scene he finds dhun when the villian presses the password to a locker , and then uses the same dhun in the later part of the movie to open the locker …seriously what was the writer thinking .It was rumored that the movies budget was somewhere arnd 50+ crores but i failed to find anything cool worth 50 crores . And the lamest scene was the last scene where the villian tells Himesh that he is the killer in front of a big crowd and then gets shocked when himesh tells him that he has recorded it in a tape .In one so-called comedy scene ..Himesh makes fun of his nasal singing . Ah !! forgot abt motwani gal completely , she didnt have a big role .Her job was to love himesh and do some senti scenes with him . I would give a epsilon out of 5 rating … guess the movie deserves negative rating . Serious advice dont watch this movie , even if u want to waste time .

Well i have some words for himesh .. dude i want my 2 hrs back !!!!

Song of the day : Ek din Aaye Ga by JAL .

Pic of the day :-

Check out if you are a bloggin addict .

PS: No CN class tommorow Yipee!!!

PS2: My friend got suspended for 6 months for beating a MP’s son .

PS3: Slept for just 2 hrs yesterday .. time to sleep

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