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Casa Piccola

European food in Bangalore is both tasty and costly.  An average meal at any euro restaurant can cost around 300-500 bucks.  But this euro restaurant is both affordable and tasty. The average meal here will cost you around 200 bucks. The ambience is pretty laid back , the perfect place to chill out :-

They have a separate section which list their specialties. And from last few visits here, their specialties section turned out to be the best. We orderded Chicken Lasagna and  pasta.

The service was quick. The food was delicious. The ambience was just right for a lazy sunday afternoon.

Address:- Near Jyothi Nivas College, Kormangala, Bangalore.

Food :- 5 / 5

Ambience :- 3.5 /5 ( Not good for all types of occasions )

Service :- 4.5 /5

Value for money :- 4.5/5

Do check this place out, much better than its costly alternatives namely friends, fiorano etc.

PS: Ordered 3 chicken biryanis for tonite  :) Pk is back to bangalore



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HOWTO: Getting rid of FretHog (Trojan)

@blogroll_readers This is part of my technical diary, you can skip this:) .

This is a very annoying virus, usually spreads on network and thru USB disks. I was attacked 3 days before i noticed it, that was when the “show hidden files/folders” option didn’t work. Here is what you need to get rid of the virus :-

  • Linux OS with NTFS read/write enabled  ( Can be a Live CD/USB too )
  • eTrust EZ Antivirus
  • patience:).

Firstly, install the virus and update it . Then boot into Linux OS. Go to each disk ( C: D: etc ) and delete autorun.inf , autoex.bat , *.cmd  and some exe which has a random name ( randomly generated on each comp ) . Reboot into Safe Mode of Windows, run a scan on the whole HDD and let it delete all the virus file.

Reboot into Windows you are done:).

Things which dont work :-

  1. AVG,Kaspersky donot work .
  2. Rebooting in safe mode without deleting  from linux and running a scan
  3. Deleting manually in the normal windows mode.

There is a better way :- Freaking delete windows from ur HDD:) and install *nix:).

Song of the day :- Rihanna – Dont Stop The Music .

    Steve vai – The Guitar GOD

    I thank adi for introducing me to Steve vai , that was a couple of months back . I used to listen to the “Love of god” , and it became one of my fav Guitar solo’s. Recently i have been listenin to lots of Steve Vai on Youtube ( Streamin is realtime @ office )  and I am totally HOOKED. This guy is a genius with the guitar . In one of interviews he said “I don’t know how to play a piano , but if someone is playin one i know exactly what keys he is playin to do so” . Leaving guitar he is also a great composer .

    Listed below are my fav songs and their youtube links :-

    1.Love of God ( An orgasm for the ears )

    The amazing fact about this is that he composed this song when he was on a 10-day Spiritual fast.

    2.Bad Horsie ( He turns his guitar into a horse totally divine )

    You can actually hear his horse/guitar neigh :P  .

    3.Lotus Feet ( Another masterpiece )

    Leaving this I also liked “Eruption” By Van Halen .

    PS1: IPL match on Sunday was boring ..i nearly slept.

    PS2: Cheerleaders were way way way interesting than the IPL match .

    PS3: Mumbai Indian’s Cheerleaders suck ! They have got some men as Cheerleader .

    {Spam?} !@#!@#@!#@!

    Freakin spam , thnx a lot to gmail to make things better😀 .

    Btw todays status message “Present state of Students Mail :- (non spam) to (spam) mails ratio equal to IIIT girls to boys ratio ”

    Miss u :(

    An empty mind is a devil’s workshop , you must be knowing this . Be alone for a long time , and your mind plays different tricks wid u .

    You are writing some crappy code for some crappy project , and suddenly you remember the biryani you ate today . Then you just wish that you could have more . Then you remember the times when your mom used to prepare a super-fast food when you feel hungry even after eating a whole biryani 😦 .

    This is what is happening to me from last 5 and 1/2 hours . I have recollected nearly every dish which mom used to make for me . And the worst part is that i am feeling hungry😦 . I want to just rush home after 31st and be there for a really big time .

    Leaving that , I also recollect my cousin-sister Amrita , whom i meet like once every year . And i haven’t met her from last 3 years ( fkin ) . I dunno why i am so attached to her , might be coz i don’t have any real sister😦 . I am online on my yahoo messenger only for her ( my status messages explains that😀 ).

    Shakira’s “Underneath your Clothes” is driving me crazy , the music is so soothing . I have been listenin to it from last 4-5 days.

    Those who think that windows is more vulnerable check the following stats from zone-h

    Last week attacks

    O.S. Defs. %
    Linux 9273 68.44%
    Win 2003 2893 21.35%
    Win 2000 1013 7.48%
    FreeBSD 227 1.68%
    Unknown 43 0.32%
    Other 101 0.75%

    Song of the Day :- Underneath your clothes by Shakira

    Airtel4U PJ of the Day :-… ah wait a minute .. they have stopped sending me PJ’s .. w00t.

    PS0: Maggi anyone ?

    PS1: Farewell was awesome

    PS2: Stomach upset after Farewell dinner😦

    PS3: Countdown begins .

    PS4: 4 Endsems

    PS5: 2 Course projects remain😀 .

    PS6: Congrats to ppl who got interns in Amazon:) .

    PS7: Tata ! shoo

    Hyderabad IndiBlogger Meet

    01/03/2008 at 16:00
    Hyderabad Blogger Meet

    Its in Microsoft Gachibowli Campus , so all IIIT’ians can actually attend this without transport problems + you get to see the Microsoft campus .

    The Blogger meet in Bangalore was a sucess . I hope this one is also great:) .

    Song of the Day :- Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd .

    PS: Looking forward for freebies.

    PS1: This is post no 103 . I forgot my 100th post😦

    PS2: Finally 2.25+ Lakh visits in less than 2 years:).

    PS3: My bloggin frequency has increased exponentially .

    PS4: Am i jobless ?

    PS5:You must be thinking “Jobless ? You are in CVIT dude”

    PS6: Tata !!