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Steve vai – The Guitar GOD

I thank adi for introducing me to Steve vai , that was a couple of months back . I used to listen to the “Love of god” , and it became one of my fav Guitar solo’s. Recently i have been listenin to lots of Steve Vai on Youtube ( Streamin is realtime @ office )  and I am totally HOOKED. This guy is a genius with the guitar . In one of interviews he said “I don’t know how to play a piano , but if someone is playin one i know exactly what keys he is playin to do so” . Leaving guitar he is also a great composer .

Listed below are my fav songs and their youtube links :-

1.Love of God ( An orgasm for the ears )

The amazing fact about this is that he composed this song when he was on a 10-day Spiritual fast.

2.Bad Horsie ( He turns his guitar into a horse totally divine )

You can actually hear his horse/guitar neigh :P  .

3.Lotus Feet ( Another masterpiece )

Leaving this I also liked “Eruption” By Van Halen .

PS1: IPL match on Sunday was boring ..i nearly slept.

PS2: Cheerleaders were way way way interesting than the IPL match .

PS3: Mumbai Indian’s Cheerleaders suck ! They have got some men as Cheerleader .